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Farm to Table & Local Ingredients Restaurants in Central Texas Region, TX (9)

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Arusha Coffee Co.

Restaurant in Belton

At Arusha Coffee Co., you'll get that much-needed jolt even before your first sip of their delicious coffee. As you enter the coffee shop, you'll immediately notice the cozy-warm feeling as a result of the fusion of several elements. First is the scent of freshly-brewed coffee. Next is the simple yet homely and inviting interiors. Last but not the least - the surprising entries in the menu which are unexpected for a coffee shop, like tacos. But they make it work!

(254) 933-2233


Restaurant in Killeen

Clerico is a restaurant and homemade Argentine cuisine business located in Killeen, Texas. Clerico is a family-owned business. Customers who have been to Clerico praised the restaurant's fresh and well-prepared food. They enjoyed eating here because the food is good, the place is clean, and the people providing service are very warm and friendly. This is why many customers promise to eat here again. If you haven't tried Clerico, make this your destination the next time you are dining out. Bring your family here, or eat here with friends. 

(254) 245-8653

Dead Fish Grill

Restaurant in Belton

At Dead Fish Grill, the description is "great food with a view." We think this is a more fitting description: seafood, and something to see. It is hard to create an ambiance that makes dining enjoyable. More so, one that completes the theme. Delicious oysters and shrimps and a view of Belton Lake in between mouthfuls? Dead Fish Grill is paradise, especially if you are close to the bottom of your first margarita. And don't worry about coming in early. They have brunch, and yes, did I mention a view of the lake? No one will fault you if you keep on coming back. Yes, even if it's for the steak, or the burger, or the waffles. Everything is delish here.

1(254) 939-5771


Restaurant in Hico

"Eis pronouced (ICE) is a cute little sandwich shop". This place "is the downstairs shop to a 3 room hotel upstairs". "Eis is lively and offers great artisan sandwiches and ice cream". It is "a good break for a nice, quick sandwich or evening dessert". It is also a "great little local sandwich shop". Try "their vanilla cake with whipped chocolate frosting" which is "delicious and huge". They also have "the turkey melt on wheat". Also, "the smoked ribeye sandwich alone is worth the drive from Mt. Pleasant". This is a "great locally owned business with an emphasis on personal touch and quality" because "the people are friendly and quite helpful". Finally, "this shop has really great ice cream, and if you get a scoop in your coffee it's amazing".

(254) 796-2231

La Luncheonette

Restaurant in Belton

La Luncheonette is a food truck and catering business in Belton, Texas. It is well-known for its delicious Mexican craft food and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. La Luncheonette uses fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Its use of homemade sauces gives the food here at La Luncheonette a stamp of originality and unique flavor. A must-try when you visit is La Luncheonette's award-winning black bean and corn empanadas.

(254) 831-1004

Let’s Eat Texas

Restaurant in Killeen

The name itself is an invitation - Let's Eat Texas. If you are eating food made with premium ingredients straight from the field, it is hard to say no. If you are presented with gourmet cuisine fit for any occasion, eating becomes more exciting! And if it is nutritious, healthy, and tasteful, you would definitely return and eat again here. This is Let's Eat Texas. Great food, fresh ingredients, and a healthy approach to eating. And for those whose life is on the go, Let's Eat Texas is now offering individual meal kits! There is no reason not to have healthy food. Let's eat, Texas!

(254) 768-0106

Megg’s Cafe

Restaurant in Temple

Megg's Cafe serves contemporary and innovative Central Texas cuisine. It takes great in its in-house production and strengthens partnership with the local farmers and ranchers by incorporating local ingredients whenever possible. They offer an extensive, seasonally-evolving menu, with the "deviled eggs", "crab cake", and "lamb burger" being the most popular items. A selection of desserts can also be found on the menu, including the best-selling "brown butter pecan". Their devotion to seasonality also extends to their hand-selected craft beer and curated wine list, putting emphasis on Texas craft beer and a constantly developing wine list.

(254) 771-3800

Ramble Restaurant

Restaurant in Salado

Ramble strives to serve only the best ingredients sourced from Texas by working closely with local farmers and ranchers. It also aims to utilize the fresh, organic produce and herbs grown in their very own on-site garden. Ramble Restaurant boasts a spacious indoor seating, outdoor seating on the patio, and the Farmhouse Grill in the garden. The restaurant showcases a seasonally-evolving menu, featuring staters like "cured mackarel", entrees such as "braised lamb", and desserts like "ice cream". At the Farmhouse Grill, you can get "black & blue burger", "santano tacos", and more flavorful, quick bites. The restaurant offers a fine dining experience, while the Farmhouse Grill at the garden offers an unpretentious, casual atmosphere.

(254) 308-2006

Schoepf’s BBQ

Restaurant in Belton

Schoepf's BBQ is a place for good food. Here, barbecued meat is done to perfection, and there are lots to choose from. Schoepf's BBQ has brisket, pork chop, pulled pork, ribs, steak, turkey breast, chicken, quail, and sausage poppers. The wide variety of food selection underscores the cooking talent of the people here, and there is nothing on the menu that disappoints. Their signature barbecued meat is the star of their sandwiches, while their chicken salad is comfort food. Schoepf's BBQ ups the ante by entertaining customers with live music. All things considered - no wonder Schoepf's BBQ is iconic. 

1(254) 939-1151