Craft Breweries in San Antonio, TX

Local Craft Breweries in San Antonio, Texas

Discover local Craft Breweries in San Antonio, Texas. If you like beer, then you’ll love our listing of craft breweries. These are the best breweries in Texas that aren’t afraid to experiment with local ingredients and tastes. These craft brewers constantly strive to produce not only unique beer blends, but more importantly, delicious and refreshing brews without resorting to marketing hype.

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Alamo Beer Company

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

The Alamo Beer Company is proud to carry the name of its namesake. Proudly delivering the only locally made beer that carries the name, the craft brewery is located a half mile from the actual site in East Downtown San Antonio. It uses “age-old methods” to brew seven signature beers including the ALAMO Golden Ale, […]

Black Laboratory Brewing

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Tim Castaneda and Jeff Weihe, the two “mad scientists” behind Black Laboratory Brewing, first met at work. With their backgrounds in microbiology and biochemistry, respectively, Tim and Jeff have been applying their scientific backgrounds in the science and art of homebrewed craft beers since 2015. The division of labor is scientific, too. Jeff works on […]

Blue Star Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Owners Joey and Magdalena Villareal started Blue Star Brewing Company in 1996. Joey’s first venture was his eponymous “Joey’s” in 1988. However, a trip to a brewpub in Ohio in 1988 piqued his interest in craft beers. With a new mission, the couple eventually established Blue Star Brewing. The craft brewery and restaurant today is […]

Busted Sandal Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Busted Sandal Brewing Company, like many craft breweries, started out as a dream venture for its founders. In 2001, two friends were drinking beers and discussing “what-ifs”. It took these same friends over a decade to build what they had initially discussed back in 2001. Finally open in 2013, the brewery is named after an […]

Dorcol Distilling and Brewing Co.

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Dorcol Distilling and Brewing Co. is “one of the hidden gems of San Antonio” and “the location and venue are stellar”. They produce “great craft beers and spirits”. Their “Kinsman Rakia and HighWheel beers” are “top-quality”. Their location is “off-the-beaten-path” but it is still a “great place to go”. They are “close to the tracks” […]

Freetail Brewing Co. Brewpub

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

“The beer at Freetail Brewing Co. Brewpub is AMAZING but you can still have a great time with just a glass of tea and some of their incredible kitchen creations”. And, they have a “huge beer selection”. “Seriously, whatever your style of choice, they have something to scratch that itch”. Also, “the food is quite […]

Freetail Brewing Co. Tap Room

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

“Checkout this brewery that is off the beaten path in San Antonio, if you’re looking for good atmosphere and tasty brews you’ll find it here at Freetail”. You will have a “great experience at Freetail Brewing Co. Tap Room”. Considered as “one of the better-organized breweries in San Antonio with some pretty tasty beers!” This […]

Kunstler Brewing

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Kunstler Brewing is San Antonio’s premier downtown brewery restaurant & sports bar that brings a variety of handcrafted beers to the craft brewing community in San Antonio. It is the “first artisanal craft brewpub with a fusion of German & Texan fare,” while re-inventing old beer styles into flavorful and innovative works of craft beer artistry. All the […]

Longtab Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Longtab Brewing is a brewpub and coffee bar owned and operated by veterans. The focus of Longtab brewing is to offer American-made versions of classic beer styles. All their beers are brewed in San Antonio, Texas and made with 100% American grown grains, hops, yeast, and of course good ol’ Texas water! What can be […]

Mad Pecker Brewing

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Started home brewing out of the garage, Mad Pecker Brewing developed a brewpub serving up “fresh hip-hopped ales and delicious eats” in the great northwest neighborhood of San Antonio. They make hand crafted delectable IPA’s and specialty ales in small batches, providing the “most unique and satisfying beer experience possible.” Today, they are still brewing […]

Ranger Creek Brewery & Distilling

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Ranger Creek Brewery & Distilling is San Antonio’s award-winning brewery and distillery that produces “handcrafted beer and bourbon one batch at a time.” They age their beers in the same barrels they age their spirits in, and even distill beers down to spirits, which really highlights the relationship between the two arts. Their tasting room […]

Roadmap Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Providing quality, independent beer to the neighbors in the San Antonio area, Roadmap Brewing Company focus on “fresh flavors from fresh ingredients,” enjoyed in a family atmosphere. It all started when Hannah and Dustin Baker received a home brewing kit as wedding gift. Like many craft brewers before, the beer dustin was brewing in the garage […]

Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Southerleigh Fine Food and Brewery houses a selection of fine food and a brewery. They take pride in their curated, seasonally changing menu that showcases Chef Balfour’s upbringing in Galveston combined with southern cuisine. They serve three meals daily and features an extensive menu including vegan and gluten-free options. For starters, the “deviled eggs” and […]

Viva Brewery

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

Viva Brewery is founded by Michael Johnson and Bobby Jones. They began brewing beer in Johnson’s garage in 2018. With a mission of producing high quality yet approachable craft beer for celebrations big and small. “This IS the beer you have been looking for”. It is “clean and fresh” with “simple ingredients done right”. It’s […]

Weathered Souls Brewing Co

Craft Brewery in San Antonio, Texas

You will “LOVE” Weathered Souls Brewing Co. And, “even if you’re not feeling beer at the moment, you can now head over for lunch or dinner without worrying about driving all the easy to the Missions, limited hours, possible sell-out”. “The brisket nachos” can become your “favorite – HUGE, shareable size, with sufficient toppings to […]