Distilleries in San Antonio, TX

Local Distilleries in San Antonio, Texas

Discover local Distilleries in San Antonio, Texas. Smaller distilleries around the state still produce spirits the traditional way without all of the pressures of meeting high quotas of mass-produced spirits. In fact, some of the local distilleries around the state have won awards from all over the world for their excellent spirits. So if you’re browsing around for some liquid courage, try something from your local distillery, you never know it might just be the perfect blend you’re looking for.

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Alamo Distilling Co.

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

The Alamo Distilling Co. based in the heart of downtown San Antonio is on a roll. Co-founders Daniel Taylor and Nick Burns once dreamed of escaping their dreary jobs on New Year’s Eve 2014. Eventually quitting their jobs and taking a leap of faith, they set up shop in a 1,100 square foot facility near […]

Artisan on Alamo Distillery

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Artisan on Alamo Distillery got its start in 2012 with Spike Vodka, the only vodka made from prickly pear cactus. The distillery then followed up its initial offering with the introduction of Texas Pride Vodka, “an award-winning corn-based vodka”, and Chupacabra Juice Moonshine, “an ultra-smooth corn mash moonshine. Soon, in 206, founder and master distiller […]

Azar Distilling

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Husband and wife Trey and Kimberly Azar founded Azar Distilling. Azar Distilling started with Cinco Vodka in 2009 but the couple took a circuitous route to establishing the distillery. Trey Azar was in the oil and gas business when he decided to go back to his roots in liquor. His grandparents were the first Coors […]

Cinco Vodka

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

They do not have an online presence as of this writing since their website domain will be coming soon. Cinco Vodka’s vodka has already won several awards from “international spirits competition”. This vodka is “clean and smooth” and “it neglects the harsh, overly alcoholic characteristics present in many vodkas, even many in its price range”. […]

Devils River Whiskey

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Devils River Whiskey’s name was inspired by “Devil’s River” after the name of Devils River which is part of the Rio Grande water basin where they sourced water for the distilling process. Their Small Batch Texas Bourbon whiskey has a “popcorn and toasted oak” flavor. It is “fair, no burn, and not overly complex”. It […]

Dorcol Distilling and Brewing Co.

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Dorcol Distilling and Brewing Co. is “one of the hidden gems of San Antonio” and “the location and venue are stellar”. They produce “great craft beers and spirits”. Their “Kinsman Rakia and HighWheel beers” are “top-quality”. Their location is “off-the-beaten-path” but it is still a “great place to go”. They are “close to the tracks” […]

Edward Ridge Distillery

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Edward Ridge Distillery is a “great place for a quiet drink” with “amazing bartenders”. Their “bar only serves their rum that is made on-premise, Talus (silver and gold)”. Nevertheless, their rum is “very flavourful and smooth”. They also serve “a variety of mixed drinks to choose from” which are “creative and tasty”. You can also […]

Maverick Whiskey

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Maverick Whiskey is a “great bar with a cool set-up, tasty food, and creative Texas cocktails”. Their “restaurant is super small”. When “you’re going on the weekend definitely get reservations”. Even though small, “the food at Maverick tastes very fresh, healthy, and seasonal”. When you “walk into this historic bank and feel the underground speakeasy […]

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Ranger Creek Brewing & Distilling is the only “brewstillery” in Texas and they have won several awards already. When you visit, “don’t be fooled by the somewhat nondescript surroundings”. You “just open the door and your senses and warm welcome will let you know you are in the right place”. The tour they offer is […]

Rebecca Creek Whiskey

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Rebecca Creek Whiskey is one of the first distilleries built in South Texas since prohibition. It is an “awesome place to just sit and relax drinking great tasting whiskey and vodka and listening to live music”. They also “have a fenced dog area, yard games like corn hole and darts”. They even “host trivia and […]

Seersucker Distillery

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

Seersucker Distillery “is a gem only found right outside San Antonio” with “great space indoors and outdoors”. It is a “bit of a drive but once you’re there you want to come back immediately”. Seersucker Distillery produced “some of the best cocktails” that are “tasty, refreshing and satisfying on a hot summer day”. An “excellent […]

Spike Distilling

Distillery in San Antonio, Texas

“Get innovative drinks!” Spike Distilling is the world’s first and only vodka made from cactus. “It’s so smooth you almost can’t even tell you’re drinking vodka”. Visit their place in downtown San Antonio. It’s a “very quaint, chic spot” with “good customer service”. Even though the “menu changes often”, “everything on the menu” is “amazing!” You […]