Food Trucks in San Antonio, TX

Local Food Trucks in San Antonio, Texas

Discover local Food Trucks in San Antonio, Texas. These are your artisan food producers on wheels. We’re not talking about your commercial fast-food on wheels here. We have curated this directory listing to only include food trucks that use the best local ingredients and those that have real ties to the community. Check back on the listing periodically to see if your favorite food truck is parking near your neighborhood soon!

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Benjie’s Munch

Food Truck in San Antonio, Texas

Benjie’s Munch first made its name as a food truck and has eventually upgraded into a brick-and-mortar restaurant a few years back. With owner and chef Benjie using the philosophy that “every bite should be the best bite,” he constantly comes up with new dishes to add to their “fabulous menu of comfort food favorites.” Some […]

Bustro Bistro

Food Truck in San Antonio, Texas

Residing in a remodeled school bus, Bustro Bistro offers a new palette for locals in San Antonio, Texas. Unlike many food trucks, they serve up nutritious yet delicious dishes made from locally sourced produce in the area. Bustro Bistro serves up flavorful and “really fresh” dishes that are packed with nutrients. If you’re looking for […]

Just Smash’em

Food Truck in San Antonio, Texas

Just Smash’em, a food truck serves “awesome lemonade”, that’s “fresh” and “tasty” in the San, Antonio TX area. Perfect for a hot summer’s day, their lemonades are a definite must-try! Offering a variety of different flavors like “cucumber, strawberry, pomegranate, and classic lemonade”, and a few more. With their exceptional freshly squeezed lemonades and great customer service, […]

Southern Grit Flavor

Food Truck in San Antonio, Texas

Located in San Antonio, Texas, Southern Grit Flavor offers food catering services that are perfect for any private event.  As a family-run establishment, Southern Grit’s food is made and inspired by old family recipes passed on from generations. Enjoy the “rich flavor and delicious products” that they have to offer.  Their unique flavors and hearty meals […]