Review of Soncrest Egg Co. by TexasRealFood

The Baker family owns Soncrest Egg Co. and they sell eggs. This is a "great place" that sells "GREAT EGGS!!!" You will be satisfied "getting "Farm Fresh" Eggs". An interesting feature of Soncrest’s eggs is their color, and the logic behind the Baker’s preference for that color. According to the owner, "the brown egg has more haul units, which is the way you measure thickness". He also mentioned that the color "measures the thickness of the egg whites". "When you break a brown egg, it’s going to stand up a lot better. The pigment in the yolk is a little darker than a white egg. The yolk is where all the taste comes from, so we put things in our feed like marigold and alfalfa to give the yolk more color." 

Locally Grown and Raised Farm Products by Soncrest Egg Co.

Farm-to-Table Restaurants in Texas using Products by Soncrest Egg Co.


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