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Central Market (Plano)

Store in Plano

Open Now!

Central Market (Plano) is a great stop for your food and pantry needs!  Drop by to grab fresh vegetables, fruits, and meats.  They also have freshly baked bread, muffins, croissants, homemade tortillas as well as "every kind of cheese you could ever want."  And their wide selection of items does not stop there!  They also have a great assortment of drinks and beverages like coffee, teas, wines, and beers!  "A wine connoisseur could go crazy here!"  Check out their Facebook account and website for updates, as well as the recipes that they share with their followers.

(469) 241-8300

Central Market (San Antonio)

Store in San Antonio

Open Now!

Central Market (San Antonio) is the "best place to eat lunch and charge your electric car!" While waiting, you can even buy "bison lunch meat and the sandwich shop" can also make "sandwiches" which are all "amazing". "They also have good gelatto along with relaxing hot teas". "You can buy many specialty items" at Central Market (San Antonio) "that cannot be found in other HEB stores". This place "is an immense market with an incredible selection of fresh meats, vegetables, cheeses, and a full-on bakery". They even have "a decent-sized bulk foods section with a varied selection". Also, "if you get a chance, it's a fun event to take part in one of the many cooking classes upstairs, which also makes a nice gift". Central Market (San Antonio) still delivers fresh food during trying times! This is the reason why they’ve been featured as one of 10 fresh food deliveries in San Antonio amidst stay-at-home order.

(210) 368-8600

Central Market (Southlake)

Store in Southlake

Open Now!

Central Market (Southlake) "has the best deli area where you can order excellent salads & dine-in". "Their selection of protein and seafood is vast and fresh and if you keep an eye on deals you can get good pricing" too. You can even find a "Young Guns Hatch frozen green Chile" which is "the best Hatch Green Chile for salsa". It has "no additives, already roasted and diced". You will be "so glad Central Market carries it in Southlake". Also, "the Cooking School and patio are ultra-fun for entertainment with family and friends!" Plus, "the bread factory smells good and the cheese selections and olive bar are the BEST too!"

(817) 310-5600

Cheese and Chutney

Store in Dallas

Day Off!

Cheese and Chutney offers a delicious domestic and imported cheeses and charcuteries, delectable accompaniments, and a wine and beer bottle shop. They have a wide range of over “50 domestic and imported cheeses,” charcuteries and chutney pairings. True to its name, Cheese and Chutney carry an “extensive line of chutneys and mustards” lovingly selected to pair with their cheeses and charcuteries, as well as an array of olives, crackers, oils, vinegars, tapenades, dried fruit and much more. They cut-to-order any size from a single sliver to hearty wedges for a party. From gorgeous cheeseboards for pick up to grazing table and Cheese Wheel Cake installations in your venue, Cheese and Chutney aim to delight your palate and make a celebration out of every meal.

(469) 917-7318

Cherry On Top

Store in Waco

Open Now!

Cherry on Top is a “specialty food shop” specializing in gifts of food and well known for their “unique packaging.” Cherry On Top is full of “Holiday Goodies” including Honey Glazed Hams, Jalapeno Turkeys, Cinnamon Walnut Coffee Cakes, Homemade Peanut Brittle, Toffee, Cookies and so much more to make your holidays a little easier. This gift shop is very interesting because of their “wide selection of custom food,treats and fabulous gift items” to choose from. The owner Sherri Cherry’s signature trademark is the "Cherries" which is why the whole shop is decorated with cheries and every gift that comes out of the shop has a cherry on top!

(956) 607-9884

Chicho Boys Fruit Market

Store in San Antonio

Open Now!

Chicho Boys Fruit Market is where “quality and price meet”. Established in 1995 by the family patriarch and now run by 2nd generation Gonzalez family members, there are weekly deals on fruits and vegetables, and customers can’t stop raving about the very reasonable prices. The staff deserves praise, too. Craving for a snack while shopping? They’ve got you covered with their Fruit Bar on site. Need fruit platters or gift baskets for a last minute party? They’ve got those, too! And if you’re in a hurry, just order in advance (2 hours minimum) via phone or email, and they’ll have your order ready for you via curbside pickup. They even accept credit cards!

(210) 225-7557

Chimney Rock Market

Store in Houston

Day Off!

Chimney Rock Market days are held every first and third Sunday of the month from 12pm to 6pm. Part farmers market and part art market, it’s got a little bit of everything for everyone. Fresh produce – check. Great finds and gifts from artisans and craft makers – check. Baked goods and prepared foods – check. Food trucks to fill your tummies – check. Treats for pets – definitely – it’s a pet friendly market. Live music and live demos – they have those, too! Have fun at this little market that seems to have everything covered. It’s run by a couple of well-loved, hardworking, disabled women who go above and beyond.

(832) 607-0779

Chocolates El Rey

Store in Stonewall

Day Off!

Chocolates El Rey is a family owned business and one of the oldest manufacturers of “Premium Chocolate” made with locally selected, carefully sourced “100% Venezuelan beans.” They take a personal pride in this assertion because since their founding in 1929, they have utilized only this “premium grade, locally grown raw material” in the formulation of all their products. El Rey is becoming a world class agribusiness, painstakingly monitoring the entire process from bean to bar. Their products have very delicate but intrinsic balance of flavor and aroma, as well as the subtle, lingering delight their chocolate – The King of chocolate made with the King of cacao. El Rey is an “International Chocolate Awards winner” for five straight years.

(800) 357-3999

Christy’s Fruit Stand

Store in Raymondville

Open Now!

Christy’s Fruit Stand is a small family-owned and run fruit stand in Raymondville. They are open 7 days a week from 8:00am to 9:00pm. Besides the seasonal fresh fruits available, they also sell unique and rustic Mexican decorative items such as flowerpots and wall art. Here are some reviews on Google:
  • “Nice people, great fruit and good pottery (pieces) from small to large with reasonably prices”
  • “Wide selection of produce, very reasonable prices, friendly and knowledgeable staff”
  • “Awesome customer service and good prices

(956) 232-1110

ClearFork Market

Store in Hudson Oaks

Open Now!

Clearfork Market is a one stop place if you are looking for excellent variety of health conscious and organic food & home products. This “Health Food Store” primarily operates in the Grocery Stores business within the Food Stores sector. They offer vitamins, essential oils, groceries, fresh organic fruit and vegetables, homemade breads, meals, smoothies, and even more. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable and more than happy to share. It is also the best place to swing into for “gluten free options and local foods” because they offer the biggest selection of gluten free items in the area. They reduced the sugar content on breads, as well as switched to an “organic coconut sugar.” They are also making their purée fresh in house to ensure its freshness.

(682) 333-0938

Clutch City Shop

Store in Houston

Clutch City Shop knows the importance of selling everyday essentials. In this case, coffee, hot sauce, and face mask. It may sound like an odd assortment of items to sell, but it makes sense. The best way to make a day better is to have a nice cup of coffee (I can't see how a cup of Clutch City Shop's Pumpkin Spice Coffee, or Peppermint Mocha, or Mexican Hot Coffee can't turn your day around). The best way to enjoy a meal is to put a little spicy kick to it. And the best way to stay safe today is to wear a mask. Like I said - essentials!

(281) 549-2123

Come and Take It

Store in Athens

Day Off!

Come and Take It calls themselves “purveyors of craft beer, fine wine, and market goods.” And with their extensive line up of drinks and other products, they have indeed earned that title. Planning to chill and grab a bottle of local brew? Come and Take It has over 180 selections of local, regional, national, and global craft brews! The craft beer selection changes weekly as they feature “new beers, seasonals and limited releases.” If you’re more into wines, the store is home to “over 400 vintages from top local and world vineyards.” And if you need something to complement your drinks or hungry for something tasty, the store also offers gourmet meats, cheeses, crackers, chips, dips, and more!

(903) 264-1277

Cotton’s Produce Market

Store in Garland

Open Now!

Cotton’s Produce Market, sometimes referred to by its customers as Sutton Family Farms, is owned by Chad Sutton and his family. This produce market is not very active on social media, but it doesn’t need to. Sutton Family Farms has been around since 1956. Cotton’s Produce Market, meanwhile, has served the area for decades. They don’t need to do much self-promotion because their customers do it for them. Here’s how one fan puts it: “I will be 46 in May and I remember my mom visiting here often when I was little! I have been a regular customer (and) no matter where we have lived, moved to and no matter how long the drivin’ time increased, this is MY produce market.” If that sounds biased, here’s another customer: “I’m telling you I only get produce from these guys. Chad is the man and knows his stuff.”

1(972) 240-8810

Country Market

Store in Rockdale

Open Now!

Country Market is a reliable source of farm-fresh and homemade produce, jellies, preserves, butters, salsas, baked goods, nuts, and eggs. They have also set up a Community Supported Agriculture or CSA program which allows consumers to subscribe and regularly purchase a basket or “share.” Each share has about 11-14 different types of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that can feed a family of four for about a couple of weeks. Joining the CSA means that the customers have easy access to farm-fresh and mostly organically grown produce, and while helping support local farmers.

(281) 734-4923

Cox Farms Market – Dallas

Store in Dallas

Open Now!

Cox Farms Market - Dallas has "the best produce". This family-owned retailer of natural & organic foods & produce also sells nutritional supplements. This is their second location which is found at Fort Worth Avenue in Dallas, Texas. It's a small store that stocks only high-quality products. If you need some simple and organic groceries then you don't have to deal with searching through endless supermarket aisles, this store is the place for you. Beautiful and fresh produce is available the whole year round and the place has been hailed as being "Just the right size" for all of your naturally grown product needs.

(214) 748-8851

Cox Farms Market – Duncanville

Store in Duncanville

Open Now!

At Cox Farms Market, everything is fresh daily. The market boasts a healthy selection of food and vitamins. Located right at the heart of Main Street, Duncanville, Texas, this market is easy to locate. The store is also clean and inviting, some would even say pristine. The staff are friendly and are intent on enhancing your overall shopping experience. They also have one of the best homemade chicken salad sandwiches and always have some of the most complete seasonal fruit and vegetable selection around. Not only that, but they also have organic and gluten-free products as well as a wide selection of grass-fed meats.

(972) 283-8851

Cuevas Produce

Store in San Marcos

Open Now!

Mr. Tomas Cuevas, Jr. started Cuevas Produce in 1969 at the back of a pickup truck. In 1972, through the generosity of a mentor, he built a storefront that stands to this day. Second generation family members now run Cuevas Produce, and they continue to be beloved by patrons – some of whom have been coming in since the start of the store. Popular for its low prices on fresh fruits and vegetables which the store sources in bulk, they also deliver to local restaurants and schools at wholesale prices. Here’s what some people say: Great family owned store. I grew up with Mr Cuevas helping us out with fresh produce when my mom was not able to make ends meet. Even now... even though the kids are running it and Mr. Cuevas is no longer with us they still love to help out.” The people who work here are absolutely amazing. The first time I went in to buy supplies for guacamole I wasn't aware that it was cash only and they let me take the produce home and come back to pay for it. 100% recommended.”

(512) 395-8395

Dan’s Fresh & Local

Store in Melissa

Day Off!

Dan's Fresh & Local is a "neighborhood produce stand" offering local fruits and vegetables, eggs, jar goods firewood, and more.  These items are all sold "at fantastic prices!"  Patrons swear by their inventory that these are "worth driving for the right vegetables and produce or even their barbecue."  One other memorable thing about Dan's Fresh & Local, being welcomed to the store by the kind and accommodating owner, with "the goat, the pig, and the cat!"

(972) 658-0977

Decatur Farm to Market

Store in Decatur

Open Now!

The Decatur Farm to Market is established to showcase local vendors and producers. Fresh produce, including meats, cheeses, spices, jams and a whole lot more are readily available to cater to each buyer’s needs. Farm to Market heavily advocates buying local to “support independently owned businesses, protect the environment and provide a variety of other benefits to the local community,” ensuring that this place is “where quality food meets customer service.”

(940) 627-7598

Dia’s Market

Store in Austin

Open Now!

Dia's Market is a curated, “specialty grocery store and deli” serving North Austin and beyond. They carry an assortment of products that allows customers to buy daily staple items while giving them a chance to explore “local and other domestic specialty items” not available anywhere else in Austin. Their mission is to surprise and delight customers with their wide selection of products, including hot coffee & pastries, fresh produce, dairy items, frozen foods, delicious breakfast & lunch deli sandwiches, beer & wine, snacks, fine chocolate and more. Their “deli menu” includes all sandwiches made on choice of baguette, sourdough, whole grain, or gluten-free bread. Dia's Market is constantly “on the look-out for new products” made with care and attention to high-quality ingredients. They remain focused on customer service, customer requests and employee retention.

(512) 520-5115

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