Review of Texas Fresh Harvest Farm by TexasRealFood

Linda Williams, the brilliant mind behind this Texas Fresh Harvest farm, has been caring for chickens, honeybees, and Nubian goats since 2016. The goats are the star of the farm as they produce the best cheeses, milk, lotions, and soap. On the other hand, the bees are just right behind them in making candles, beeswax, and lotion bars. When you visit the farm, and you hear a loud chicken noise, it might just mean that one of their chickens just popped out a nutritiously orange-yolk free-range chicken. Aside from the products above, the farm also offers classes in beekeeping and making cheese, soaps, and lotions. Check them out today!

Farming Methods, Practices & Certifications

Integrated Pest Management Integrated Pest Management
Transitional Transitional