Review of Texas Gold Honey by TexasRealFood

Owned by Bill Zimmer, an East Texas Beekeeper for 12 years. He operates 60 hives in Wood County and works tirelessly to keep bees healthy and productive. They offer raw, unfiltered, all-natural wildflower and clover honey. Also, their produce was named Best Tasting Honey at the 2016 Texas State Fair. Their honey bees also make honey made from blackberries, persimmons, fruit trees, blueberries, wild roses, clovers, and the many beautiful wildflowers that grow in East Texas. Also, Bill does not heat or pasteurize his honey, preferring to preserve the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes to retain the healthful benefits of its raw state. He also offers several different types including clover and wildflower. To be able to call a honey a “clover” or other types, at least 45% of the pollen detected must be from that particular source plant.

Locally Grown and Raised Farm Products by Texas Gold Honey