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Whiskey Cake the restaurant known for its namesake Whiskey Cake, a seasonal dessert made of toffee torte, bourbon anglaise, spiced pecan, and house-made vanilla whip cream, this rustic local joint instantly became a neighborhood favorite. On top of the well-known dessert, the restaurant serves other best-selling favorites such as the "chicken and waffles", "deviled eggs", and the "OMG burger" - all dishes being served are made from locally sourced herbs and seasonal ingredients. A wide selection of whiskey cocktails and bold elixirs hand-crafted by experienced bartenders are available on the menu. Despite all the goodness, don't forget to save room for the "whiskey cake" to complete your dining experience.Nothing could be more perfect than chicken and waffles and serves some of the best! Read more about them and others in Kim's 8 Places for the freshest chicken and waffles in Houston.

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