Review of Wickersham Angus Ranch by TexasRealFood

Bill and Tony Wickersham manage and own the 400-acre Wickerhsam Angus Ranch. They purchased it in 1994. With trees, pasture, and ponds, the family has always loved living in the ranch. Since the beginning, the couple has focused on raising Angus cattle who can tolerate the weather in southeast Texas. Tyron and Erin Wickersham eventually joined them in 2006. At the farm, they breed their cows in March. Gestation takes nine months, so the calves are typically born in late December. In Winter, their cattle have access to clover, rye, and dormant Bermudagrass. While in the summer, their cattle feed on Tifton 85, Bermudagrass, and Bahiagrass. Today, the farm is one of the registered Angus Cattle operations in College Station. Visit them today!

Farming Methods, Practices & Certifications

Grass Fed / Pastured Grass Fed / Pastured
Naturally Grown Naturally Grown

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