Review of Yoshi Shabu Shabu (Plano) by TexasRealFood

"If you are looking for some hot pot around late night", Yoshi Shabu Shabu is "really" recommended, "the peanuts sauce is the best". "Yes. Shabu Shabu in Texas. There's a lot of BBQ places around Texas. But, good Shabu Shabu is harder to find. Yoshi's truly hits the spot. Perfect amount of portions. 3 great tasting dipping sauces. And their beef slices are larger than your traditional Shabu Shabu restaurant". They are also "super helpful with great gluten-free options". And, "after you choose your base broth, you choose your meat. Each meat selection/size comes with a plate of veggies and a bowl of rice. The veggies and the rice is all you can eat, which is awesome". Also, "the restaurant is always super busy so it's good to make a reservation". You will "definitely come back for the good quality meat!" Finally, "save room for the Matcha Pandan Waffle! Omg!!!  A must!"

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