Review of Zenubi Creek Farm by TexasRealFood

Mike and Stacy Langfus manage and own the Zenubi Creek Farm. The farm focuses on breeding high-quality ADGA-registered Jersey cows and ADGA-registered Nubian Dairy goats. A unique service they offer is goat pooling and cow pooling services. This service allows families to own a goat without the hassles to having to care for it on their own. The farm raises the cows and goats to maturity. Once ready for harvest, the families who own the animals get the share they paid for in advance. A great way to promote sustainable food for the community, animal-pooling is just one of their products. The farm also makes butter, cheese, milk, yogurt, raw milk, and buttermilk from their cows. Moreover, they also make goat cheese, milk, and yogurt. Contact Mike and Stacy for more info!

Locally Grown and Raised Farm Products by Zenubi Creek Farm