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B&G Farms

Farm & Ranch in Denison

In Denison, North Texas, B&G is a family-operated farm and ranch with a 100-acre land. They raise well-bred cattle alongside continuing their aunt’s passion for taking care and rescuing horses. Also, they grow hay, fruit, pecans, and other produce while offering high-quality harvest from thoroughly selected non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds.Currently, they are working on raising chickens and goats, building a vineyard, beekeeping, and growing herbs (for cooking and medicinal purposes.) Soon, you can get eggs, honey, herbs, and more! Delighted customers said, "Great work Audrey and family! They are bringing the farm back to life" and "Wonderful, fantastic posts. Great sense of humor."

(903) 423-2724

Booth’s Brew

Artisan Food Producer in Denison

Keep you and your loved ones healthy and happy with Booths Brew’s products. “If you haven’t ever tried kombucha, Booths is perfect for you” as it is “very light and refreshing.” Not only do they offer “probiotic-rich brews to keep your gut-biome in check,” but they also offer “ginger beer” and “Elderberry concentrate” to keep your immune system supercharged. The ginger beer is “sweeter than most with a great background of richness.” Thanks to Booths for “using lime rather than lemon.” Elderberry concentrate is safe for the entire family to use. It is diabetic friendly, keto-friendly, vegan-friendly and kid-friendly. Its shelflife could be up to 18 months and lasts for many months once opened and refrigerated. Don’t hesitate to drop them a message, as their customer service is known to be astounding.

(903) 624-2780

CJ’s Coffee Cafe on Main

Artisan Food Producer in Denison

CJ's Coffee Cafe on Main Street is one of its branches that's located in Denison, Texas. Specializing in “responsibly-sourced” coffees, this cafe roasts their beans weekly in the house. They're available for purchase on single orders or you can subscribe to them for a regular supply. And if you're lucky enough, you can catch their "Buy One Get One 1/2 Price" promo where you can get a half-pound of coffee for free!Not a coffee enthusiast? Try their fresh fruit bar-style smoothie or protein shake! Oh, these drinks are perfect right after you hit the gym!Okay, you're not in the mood for some drinks. Don't worry as they also offer gourmet salads, sandwiches, soups, and baked goods – all made from scratch!

(903) 327-8984

CJ’s Coffee Cafe on The Blvd

Artisan Food Producer in Denison

CJ's Coffee Cafe on The Blvd is its newest branch that's located right at the Gateway Village in Denison, Texas. This café not only offers “responsibly-sourced,” home-roasted coffee but also scratch-made and gourmet food specialties. Indeed, keeping their promise to sourcing only the best and finest products!Grab any of the custom blends of CJ's Coffee Cafe, whether hot, iced, frappes, or nitrogen-infused.Their coffee beans are also available as a single order purchase, or you can subscribe to them for a regular supply. And if you're lucky enough, you can catch their "Buy One Get One 1/2 Price" promo where you can get a half-pound of coffee for free!And, to make each visit more filling, homemade breads, pastries, even gourmet soups and desserts are also available.

Dominion Farms

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Dominion Farms is a local, family-owned farm offering grass-fed/finished beef, pastured pork, range-fed chickens and eggs, and all-natural lamb. Check out their website for the updated price list because "it is always best to pre-order them (meat or eggs)". Dominion Farms also "runs a smaller stall at the farmers market than the other meat vendor, and carries different items from week to week. They are always accommodating if you want something special though". You can always contact them if you want to do a tour. "Tours of the farm are always encouraged!" Also, "if you have pets, be sure to ask about the bones and raw food (BARF diet) meats they have available". Their "chickens live out in the field" and "the cattle are gorgeous". They also "humanely kill them and its obvious that they care about how the animals are treated".

(903) 271-1006

Downtown Denison Farmers Market at W. Main St

Farmers Market in Denison

First established in 2011, the Downtown Denison Farmers Market's mission is to bring the best locally produced products to the historic Downtown Denison area while providing local farmers with a viable outlet for their produce. This market is located at 701 W. Main St, Denison, Texas. Open Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm. "The sellers are very nice and help you with anything you need for reasonable prices, it's all fresh too". "Veggies, fruit, meat, bread, soaps, crafts, baked goods", and more available here. Check out their social media page for more updates. Composed of different vendors, you may "contact them individually or message the market page for more info".

(469) 712-9122

GF Beef

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Jason founded GF Beef LLC in 2011. While he bought the ranch in 1997, the farm didn't have cattle grazing through its pasture 'til 2011.Today, their herd consists of Wagyu, Angus, Longhorn, Charolais, Limousine, and Hotlander.The farm puts so much importance in the genetic line of every breed they raise to ensure it produces excellent marbling and flavor. Recently, they have crossed Wagyu and Aberdeen cows to create a rare combination that only the farm carries at this time.A Facebook review says, "There is no other beef we would rather eat! Best beef. Best prices. Period!"According to Jason, they are coming up with new specialty likes. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated.

(903) 818-3697

Hilltop FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Hilltop Farm in Denison Texas employ nothing but organic methods on their farm. The owners guarantee that there are no inorganic inputs on all of their egg or vegetable production. They utilize only non-GMO, heirloom seeds in all of their veggies. On top of that, they don't use any chemical fertilizers, growth hormones, pesticides, or anything artificial. They're usually in full production beginning early June all the way up to fall.Why are their products so plump and yummy without artificial fertilizers? Well, they make their own organic compost and organic compost teas!To get rid of weed, they pull out weeds the old-fashioned way, by hand, and they control pests with their own organic concoctions!

(903) 815-6986

Homestead Winery at Denison

Winery in Denison

Homestead Winery at Denison is the oldest continually operating winery in the Red River Valley of North Texas. This Denison branch is located inside Devolli’s Italian restaurant. This winery has a "good selection of sweet and dry wines" and "in addition to the many wines available and the tasting room, they have a brewery". "They also have many different wines from around the world via the wines of the world program". You can also visit their other branches at Ivanhoe and Grapevine. Their wine club also "releases new wines quarterly with special releases periodically". A 10% discount is also available online for 12 bottles.

(903) 464-0030

Ironroot Republic Distillery

Distillery in Denison

Visiting Ironroot Republic Distillery is "a must do for anyone that likes a strong smooth bourbon or whiskey". They have "some of the best whiskeys and vodkas you can find". A "great Bloody Mary bar as well" with "DELICOUS bloody mary mix". You can "take a tour of the distillery" and get to hear "their ingredients, mash builds, and processes" as well as see "their barrel storage room" where you can get "to smell some uncorked barrels". You will also have "a lesson on the difference between bourbon and whiskey". Then, you can have "time to relax with friends, play games, have one of their specialty drinks, and food from a local food vendor".

(903) 337-0495

Islla St. Brewing

Craft Brewery in Denison

Islla St. brewing creates “innovative and culturally rich small batch craft beer.” They are producing some of the very best micro craft beers, nothing like you will find anywhere else! They bring in ingredients that elevate and highlight each batch. Where else can you find “Strawberry or Pineapple Empanada IPAs” or one brewed with real pink Concha pan dulce? They also use garnishes with some that really stimulate the palate. Islla St. Brewing draw flavors and influence from unique fruits and spices tied to their “culture, history and contemporary influences.” It is their hope to impact the craft beer industry and bridge a cultural gap through a deeper and richer experience of flavor intended to inspire curiosity.

(903) 464-0030

Ivanhoe Ale Works

Craft Brewery in Denison

Gabe Parker bought the building where Ivanhoe Ale Works stands for $10 -- a gut job that Gabe’s wife thought could never be repaired. Meanwhile, Homestead Winery, stood just next door. Also owned by Gabe, the winery started operations in 1989 making it the oldest continually operating winery located in the Red River Valley of North Texas.To start Ivanhoe Ale Works, Gabe partnered with brewmaster Johnny Wells. Opened in May 2015, they subsequently restored to the old building to its art deco roots. Gabe’s unique vision allows wine and beer drinkers to come together in one taproom – Texas’ first brew-winery! The brewery’s lineup of beers includes their Ivanhoe IPA.In an interview, Gabe says he got started with the winery after his wife gave him a wine making kit. A few years before establishing the brewery, she gave him a home brewing kit. These days, he wonders what’s next.

(903) 464-0030

Livestock First RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Denison

Taylor manages and owns the Livestock First Ranch. They offer several kinds of pasture-raised meat like chicken, beef, and Berkshire pork in Denison, Texas.Taylor not only raises animals for food, but he treats them humanely and as sentient beings. He always puts the animal's well-being above profit. When you got that kind of relationship, the animals are less stressed. Thus, they develop better meat, nutrition, and flavor. His principles allow him to provide more than just food on the table. It is preventative medicine through food."Taylor raises his animals with integrity and pride. Always happy to answer questions thoughtfully with detailed responses making his service outstanding as well."

(575) 543-8088

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