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Barking Owl Coffee RoastersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Frisco

Barking Owl Coffee Company specializes in roasting “single origin coffee beans from around he world” weekly. Born in the Fall of 2017 from Tim and Amy's love of coffee and the desire to expose people to the joys of freshly roasted coffee. Just like French wines, single origin coffee beans are known for their distinct “aroma and taste” which reflect the harvest, the region, the altitude, processing method and age. And, similar to French wines, they are usually named for the region or farm they are grown on. Visiting the Barking Owl Coffee is like visiting a good winery. Tim and Amy share the single origin beans' stories and their roasting techniques as you sample each variety. Three of their favorite coffees: are Costa Rica Tarrazú La Laguna, Nicaragua Finca La Laguna, and Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

(214) 244-8503

Brockview Farms

Farm & Ranch in Frisco

Brockview Farms offers farm-raised grass-fed beef and grass-finished beef. This is their way of providing a healthier choice for red meat. You can buy their grass-fed beef ground beef, steaks, and beef jerky at the Farmer’s Market at Mercer Stadium too. You can "send a private message for a preorder" so they can already "bring your order". They also participate in the Cy-Fair Kids and Family Expo at Berry Center in Cypress, Texas. In December, they also participate in the Katy Old-Fashioned Christmas Festival.

(281) 979-3913

Bucking Goat Farm

Farm & Ranch in Frisco

It is not every day that you come across a business that has an interesting portfolio such as the Bucking Goat Farm. Do you want fresh vegetables and microgreens? They got it. Pickled foods? They are always in stock. How about goat milk soap? That's quite the pivot but hey, they have this too! And just in case you need cut flowers, Bucking Goat Farm sells these too. No wonder their stall in the farmer's market is very attractive and colorful with this wide array of products for sale.

(713) 560-8199

Cordie’s Blended Hot Peppers

Artisan Food Producer in Frisco

Cordie's Blended Hot Peppers grew from a passion for gardening and cooking in 1982. The full-flavoured pepper blends complement a wide variety of dishes, making this condiment a must-have in every kitchen. Not only "full flavour peppers", but the owner "has mild to what she calls Texas heat" and "the flavour is amazing". Also, "the hottest of the hot is not just heat but yummy goodness". According to one customer, "I tried some of this deliciousness at a vendor event and just HAD to buy some!" That is how "amazing" their products are. "They have a good variety and the flavour is second to none". "Oh, and the jalapeño garlic is magical greatness" too.

(937) 620-4803

Frisco Fresh Market

Farmers Market in Frisco

The Frisco Fresh Market is one of the highlights of a 32-acre development from a renowned Dallas developer. The market held its grand opening last July 1, 2018 and is open year round every Saturday (8am to 3pm) and Sunday (10am to 4pm). Frisco is regularly praised as one of the “Best Places To Live in America” and the market itself is conveniently located and easily accessible via major roads. As part of a planned community, there are hotels and office spaces nearby with dining and retail shopping outlets in the works.This new market gathers over 150 local farmers, producers, artisans, chefs, and craftsmen in an indoor and outdoor marketplace. With modern facilities, it’s a family- and pet-friendly destination for the community of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

(844) 776-2753

Greek Mama’s BitesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Frisco

Greek Mama Bites creates Homemade Traditional Greek desserts and meals using fresh and unprocessed ingredients. You must try their “Baklava”, a baked crispy layers of handmade phyllo interspersed with walnuts and almonds. Their baklava is not like Persian varieties, which tend to be more syrup-soaked and sweet, wafting the essence of rose or orange blossom water. Greek Mama Bites also serve meals like Lamp chops with potatoes in the oven with lemon, Soutzoukakia Meatballs with spices and fresh tomato sauce, Pastitsio, Gemista, and a spinach pie with handmade dough and Feta cheese. There are also cookies: plain twisted knots and the powdered-sugar and almond nuggets called “Greek wedding cookies”. Savories include handmade dolmas and Greek butter cookies made from an old traditional recipe.

(214) 843-7036

Heavenly Cakes By AnaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Frisco

With 15 years of experience, Heavenly Cakes By Ana is a home bakery that specializes in special occasion cakes. This bakery makes cakes from scratch using fresh and never frozen ingredients. All her cake’s “appearance is always flawless and the taste” has always been “incredible.” They are “perfect and very tasty”; the “cake is still moist” even “3 days after receiving” it. “Ana is such a talented baker and cake designer.” Indeed, “she can do anything” that you asked her to. She is “amazing” and “wonderful – quick to respond to questions, so patient, and beyond professional.” We “definitely recommend her to anyone” and we “highly recommend” Heavenly Cakes “for any celebration!”

(214) 866-9612

Nurture Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Frisco

Rodney Mason and his family manage and own the Nurture Ranch. They became interested in 100% grass-fed beef when their doctors advised them to be extra cautious in consuming traditional beeves.Since then, they have tried grass-fed beef from numerous sources. However, they were concerned about the inconsistent taste and texture on beeves they tried. As a result, they have looked for the best farmers who can help them with their concern.That is when they met a 5th generation rancher who helped them understand how a cow can naturally develop flavor.Today, the farm is 'American Grassfed Association' certified. They are raising Black Angus cattle that people love! "I just wanted to say that I am amazed by how good your beef tasted."

(866) 467-2624

Sola SnacksNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Frisco

Sola Snacks is a healthy meal bar brand that is made with simple ingredients and bold flavors. The bars are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, good source of fiber and protein, with only 1 gram of sugar. Indeed, it is the perfect and healthiest meal replacement or meal addition that can be enjoyed by anyone, anytime and anywhere. You can use it as a salad topping, pair them with a sandwich, soup, or fruit, or you can eat it on its own. These bars are also your on-the-go best friend. Take them with you during hiking, camping, or you can even add them onto your packed lunches. Besides selling these “yummy” and healthy bars, this company also offers a “revolutionary 3-week diet system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight,” but it also “promises to help you lose more body fat – faster than anything else you’ve ever tried.” 

(214) 872-6632

The Heritage Table

Restaurant in Frisco

The Heritage Table has indoor seating and outdoor seating in the "patio" which offers a "great atmosphere".  The lunch menu consists of house-made bread, cured meats, and the "nine-ounce Heritage Table Burger".  This restaurant serves dishes from lunch through dinner. Located in a "vintage Victorian house" in downtown Frisco is a restaurant dedicated to serving dishes from scratch, may it be home-made bread, house-cured and smoked meats, locally sourced produce, and craft beverages. On the other hand, the dinner menu features "homemade meatloaf", "scratch-made chicken pot pie", "double-cut grilled pork chops with apple chutney" and a whole lot of other entrees. Salads serve as the main fare and are available at any time of the day.

(469) 664-0100

Yiayia’s Coffeehouse

Artisan Food Producer in Frisco

Yiayia's Coffeehouse specialty coffeehouse aiming to bring people a focused and exceptional coffee experience. Inspired by the Greek and Italian coffee culture, they believe that coffee drinking is a ritual among friends. "Its located in the Frisco Fresh Market". And, "if you love a good cup of coffee make sure you take a trip over to the Frisco Farmers Market and check out Nassos the owner". Yiayia’s is also a unique place that combines the best European coffee-shop traditions serving homemade baked goods and artisan sandwiches. "They have the best tasting coffee and are so friendly service you won’t find anywhere else!" You will also "look forward to going every time!"

(469) 267-2095

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