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Bendt Distilling Co.

Distillery in Flower Mound

"Bendt Distilling Co is a local treasure". "All of the spirits and other consumable products are DELICIOUS and very high-quality, all made in-house". Their "knowledgeable staff will provide a fantastic tour through their operation". There are also "sights and sounds that can only be seen on the tour, not to mention the intoxicating smell of their wares in the barrel room". But, "once you are done with the tour grab a craft cocktail at the bar". Also, "don't forget to grab some swag to represent this local spot before you leave". Finally, their "outdoor areas are great when the weather is nice to play games and hang with friends".

(214) 814-0545

J2 Steakhouse

Restaurant in Lewisville

With a "fine dining and a particularly unique ambiance", you "will be looking for excuses to splurge and come back to J2 Steakhouse and spend $100-200 person for an incredible evening". Your "first impression" is "that the ambiance had a unique balance of historical preservation and elegance". Almost, "feels like you've traveled in time with much of the original mill still preserved". Their food is impressive with "each dish" that is "finely arranged and prepared to perfection making every bite so savory that you wanted to eat slower to enjoy each flavor". And, "if you're not sure what to order you can't go wrong with their steak". And, "for sides definitely try the short rib mac and cheese or lobster orzo". You can also try "the candied pork belly". Definitely, "one of the best combination of layered flavors" you will "ever experienced". "Both spice, sweet, tart and tangy all with incredible balance and texture".  This is already "worth the trip by itself". Finally, "if you only try one thing, make this your choice!" 

(972) 537-5547

Larue Vineyards

Winery in Lewisville

"Larue Vineyards is a hidden gem in a warehouse" and a "place" for a "perfect date night or happy hour". It has a "welcoming attitude and wonderful wine" that makes "for a great environment". They have "wine tasting" that is "fun and informative" and "good prices for ample glasses". You will also enjoy "painting parties, weddings, birthdays, as well as random weekend nights at this establishment and always leave with smiles on faces". This is also known in the community as the "the Cheers of Lewisville". You will not be disappointed because "the owners are great people and really put their heart and soul into it".

(214) 215-7758

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