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Braga Farms

Farm & Ranch in Irving

Braga Farms offer delicious microgreens, pesto, herbs, and several crafts.Jefferson Severino Braga, the owner of the urban farm, ensures that every aspect of growing the plants follow a natural approach. He only uses organic pest control. When it comes to weed problems, he handles them through mulching, physical tillage, and tarping. On the other hand, he ensures the soil only gets organic amendments like compost, mulch, and natural fertilizers.With a little less than 1 acre, he can grow forty-five species of plants that are available in different seasons.Facebook reviews generally highlight the delicious pesto and microgreens they got from Braga Farms,If you want to taste it yourself, watch out for them at St. Michael's Farmers Market every Saturday and the Dallas Farmers Market every Sunday.

(817) 807-1681

Sexy JalapenosNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Irving

Sexy Jalapeños prides itself on creating the perfect candied jalapeño that serves as a great addition to any meal. Certainly, “these are the very best candied jalapeños” out there. “They aren’t too sweet or too hot” – just a little bit of each to get you “hooked.” They work “great with cream cheese on a cracker,” as pizza toppings, “hotdogs, hamburgers, sandwiches,” and so much more. You can use it as a “marinade,” a “salad” garnish, or “eat them from the jar by” itself. The list just goes on and on. “Erin,” who is behind all these goodies, “puts so much time and effort into every jar.” Thus, it is clearly shown through “the quality product” that she has been producing over the years. So, if you’re going to buy this product, we “highly recommend” you to purchase more. It’s so addicting that you’ll panic when there’s not enough left.

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