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Around Town Artisans

Farmers Market in McKinney

Around Town Artisans "is the best local mobile Farmer's Market around!" It is so "amazing all the different artisans involved, delicious food/baked goods and all in the convenience of your neighborhood!" They have "yummy food from different Artisans, and everything is fresh and made to order! BBQ, Asian cuisine with a twist, and more..." You can also "pick up locally harvested honey, farm raised beef, pickles, olive oil and sauces, homemade caramels, baked goods, cheese dips, salsa, and more.." They also have "a selection of Artisans that hand craft specialty items, so find that unique one of a kind gift for your early holiday shopping, or just make it about you!" You can "come hungry, drink some wine, shop, relax and enjoy listening to live music". You can also "bring the kids, and play some yard games!" Don't forget to check out their Facebook page for their posts and updated schedule.

(615) 584-9991

Franconia Brewing Co.

Craft Brewery in Fredericksburg

Founded by Brewmaster Dennis Wehrmann, Franconia Brewing Co. is a company in McKinney that started operations in 2008. Dennis comes from a long family line of brewmasters. He traces his family’s involvement in beer to a great great grandfather. Grandfather Schaubert owned and operated a brewery in Germany in the 1800s. Dennis also got his start in traditional German brewing practices in Germany until his move to the U.S. in 1999. Under his guidance, Franconia strictly follows the Reinheitsgebot or German Purity Law. They only stray from tradition for special releases.The brewery is also equally known for their “green” brewing practices. The brewery’s eco-friendly facilities include an on-site mini-power plant that works on renewable fuels such as solar and natural gas. 100% of the plant's power requirement comes from these renewable sources. They use 100% natural ingredients and also donate spent mash for conversion to cattle feed by local farmers.

(972) 542-0705

Lake Forest Farm

Farm & Ranch in McKinney

Vanessa Zamora runs and owns the Lake Forest Farm. The 20-acre urban farm is right at the heart of McKinney, Texas.With over 50 pasture-raised hens, two wild cats, three ducks, and countless bees, the farm produces the best eggs and honey for the community.A Facebook review says, "Eggs, honey, and veggies, oh my! I love this place! The farm alone is so full of love, making the food taste better! Sign up on their CSA lists early - you wouldn't want to miss out!"On a side note, the far almost exclusively supplies Table Zero, a farm-to-table restaurant for a sustainable private dining experience. Moreover, the farm hosts small intimate events. Just contact Vanessa to inquire.

(972) 542-8040

Lewellen Farms

Farm & Ranch in McKinney

The Lewellen family manages and owns the small hyper-local farm. Lewellen Farms was established in 2017. The farm aims to produce fruits and veggies that are beyond organic for their CSA members and the Farmer's Market consumers. For this reason, they remain to be a no-till farm until today.Aromatic melons, abundant pears, and tasty apples are just some of the fruits they sell. They also have eggplants, swiss chard, carrots, figs, kale, celery, garlic, tomato, oyster mushrooms, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage.You can find them at McKinney Farmers Markey and Good Local Markets. You can also visit them as they conveniently located ten minutes away from the market.

(469) 675-0079

McKinney Elderberry CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in McKinney

The only thing better than traditional elderberry syrup is elderberry syrup that's made with passion for both science and nature. Based out of McKinney, Texas, The McKinney Elderberry Company is a local artisan food producer that creates traditional elderberry syrup in a commercial kitchen to ensure that everything is 100% hygienic. Their syrups are made with 100% organic berries and spices and doesn't contain any additives, fillers, or preservatives.Believe it or not, over 2,000 berries are used to make a 16oz bottle of their elderberry syrup!And as an added treat, no sugar is used! 100% local Texas Raw honey is used to sweeten the syrup!

(214) 733-7520

Nate’s Raw Harvest

Farm & Ranch in McKinney

Nathan Jackson founded Nate's Raw Harvest in 2010. He is a lifestyle/nutrition coach and a personal trainer with a degree in Exercise Science from the UT Arlington. His extreme desire to provide nutrition lead him to the foundation of the business.With the help of Christina Marie Jackson, his wife, they sprout, dry, or soak their organics for the community. These make a great snack while fueling the body with lots of powerhouse nutrients.The concept is based on traditional cooking methods like pre-soaking, dehydrating, and leaving food raw. These methods allow the food to retain most of the valuable nutrients that get lost when cooked or overly processed.

(214) 546-2023

Pacific Tradewinds Coffee Company (TexaKona Blends)

Artisan Food Producer in McKinney

TexaKona Blends specialize in award-winning, 100% Kona green and roasted Kona and Kona Blends that is smooth, aromatic and big on flavor. They have four TexaKona Blends, Swahili Six Gun, Bombay Bluebonnet, Honduran Honky Tonk, and Costa Rican Campfire. They manufacture all sorts of coffee products including Kona blend coffees, chocolate covered coffee beans, our coffee-infused steak rub and an award-winning coffee and macadamia nut brittle: TexaKona Krackle. Their parent company, Pacific Tradewinds Coffee owns a 21 acre coffee plantation in the North Kona District on the Big Island of Hawaii. The raw beans are harvested and shipped to the mainland to TexaKona Coffee in McKinney, Texas for roasting and blending.

(214) 778-5662

Pure Land Farm

Farm & Ranch in McKinney

The father-daughter duo, Jack and Megan Neubauer, founded the Pure Land Farm in 2011 when they both decided to ditch the corporate world. From being full-time employees to farmers, they are doing a great job in managing and growing the farm.Now, the urban farm offers pick-your-own services in the Summer and Spring.Aside from offering the experience of harvesting food, the farm is also extremely passionate in spreading farming awareness. Therefore, they offer tours and educational trips for everyone interested.If interested, the farm is only 3o minutes going north of Dallas and 10 minutes away from Historic Downtown McKinney. "Megan was incredibly accommodating and sweet. All of the veggies we picked were delicious!"

(469) 795-8585

Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm

Farm & Ranch in McKinney

Penney Braley runs the show at Squeezepenny Sustainable Farm. With a 2-acre rural farm, she offers access to weekly CSA produce to all of her members. While Penny has been terminally ill in the past, making her unable to fulfill her duties to the members of the CSA, Penny is now better. She is more than ready to get back to providing healthy and sustainable food to everyone who wishes to taste her produce. Today, she offers USDA certified organic products that are fresh from her farm. If you want to give it a go, be sure to call her on her phone today!They haven't updated their CSA page since 2015, contact them directly for more information.

(972) 838-3869

Third Monday Trade Days

Farmers Market in McKinney

Third Monday Trade Days happens every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday before the third Monday of each month. This market is the “oldest and largest monthly trade days/flea market in North Texas” having started way back in McKinney’s country-wide market back in the 1870s. The Third Monday Trade Days features over 400 vendors, selling practically anything you can think of: home decors, clothing and accessories, antiques and collectibles, pet supplies, health and beauty products, wooden furniture, and even metal art! Food of all kinds are also available, from carnival or state fair type of snacks like corn-on-the-cob or in a cup, churros, shaved ice, to stuff patrons will want to take home such as jars of salsa, jellies, relishes, honey, fresh produce, roasted nuts, tea, beef jerky, and a whole lot more!

(972) 562-5466

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