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Talocha’s Roasted Pepper Jams & JelliesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Rowlett

Talocha's Roasted Pepper Jams & Jellies take great pride in providing a natural product made out of freshly hand picked fresh red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers that are “hand roasted to perfection” and brings out their unique aroma and flavor. They carry a unique and delicious line of spicy jams & jellies like Strawberry Chipotle, Strawberry Habanero, and the best seller, “Mango Habanero” that has the sweetness of the Mango and hints of peach, orange and apricot then all of a sudden a "pop" of roasted habanero flavor. The spiciness roasted flavor comes from either the roasted Serrano or the Habanero and the smoky flavor comes from the smoked Chipotle. The combination of these peppers with the fruits and nectars, make the most delectable and mouthwatering jams.

(214) 770-2979

The Sweethouse

Artisan Food Producer in Savoy

The Sweethouse is a family owned and operated, “gourmet ice cream company” in Texas. They create a wide variety of “standard and unique flavors” of homemade ice cream, gelato, sorbet and sherbet for restaurants, hotels, country clubs, market centers and their very own ice cream bar. It is owned by “Chris and Meredith Davis,” a married couple with a longstanding passion for sweets and ice cream. Most of the inspiration for their delicious ice cream comes from Texas roots, some dating back to “Meredith’s great grandmother’s recipe book.” Over a hundred years of family tradition and secrets have been passed down into making this “one-of-a-kind ice cream.” The Sweethouse take the utmost pride in the quality of their products and in providing the best customer service possible.

(214) 907-8868

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