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Arrow G RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sherman

Owned by "a sweet family", "Arrow G Ranch, LLC has some awesome beef jerky" which can be purchased at the Downtown Denison Farmers Market.   They also have "super fresh Arrow G eggs" which you can have along with  "toast with avocados and cheese".  The owners of this farm have a goal of producing high quality and healthy products through honest, ethical practices. They have free-range eggs from pastured poultry and grass fed beef through rotational grazing. Visit their website and Facebook page to contact them for purchase and delivery options. Remember, their farm has "grass-fed, happy cows!" They have "NO UNNECESSARY CHEMICALS".

Prairie Farmstead

Farm & Ranch in Sherman

Prairie Farmstead strives to bring the cleanest products to your children and the neighbors in the community in Sherman, Texas. Their chicken laying flock eats a hundred percent Non-GMO feed. The cows do not receive hormones and unnecessary medications and graze on chemical-free pasture.Many patrons could testify on how Prairie Farmstead eggs are different from other organic eggs in the market. They could enjoy eating eggs without having any allergy reactions and is truly good for their health.Prairie Farmstead is definitely on their quest to produce the cleanest meat and eggs as they heal the land they steward. You can contact them to purchase their products or visit them at their farm.

(903) 231-3748

River Creek WagyuNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Sherman

River Creek comprises over 1,800 acres in Central Texas near the Regency Bridge in San Saba County. The Ranch lies on the northern edge of the Edward’s Plateau in the Texas Hill County, where the landscape and terrain is Texas through and through. From Mesquite patches to Cedar thickets, to stands of Live Oak trees and boulders; vistas allowing you to see for miles to bottom land of the Colorado River Basin; and crop fields that yield quality hay and forage.  River Creek Wagyu is a proud member of the American Wagyu Association, Texas Wagyu Association, and Texas Southwest Cattle Raisers Association.

Their cattle is NEVER introduced to antibiotics or hormones and is raised to the highest standards. On top of that, all of the meats that they sell are Aged for Maximum Flavor. They're aged for 14-days using a 14-day method to further concentrate the flavor of the beef. When you order from them, each order is carefully packed in insulated boxes, ensuring that they arrive in top quality when they get delivered to your door.

Sugar StaxNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Sherman

Sugar Stax is a veteran-owned confection business that operates under the Texas Cottage Food Law. It specializes in homemade marshmallows, caramel sauces, pralines, caramel popcorns, and more. The list just goes on as “everything they make is to die for!” The “homemade marshmallows are phenomenal.” Their “caramel sauces taste wonderful” and “amazing.” You can literally drizzle it onto “anything from ice creams to breakfast pancakes, to desserts” and “coffees” for that “extra level of deliciousness!” In addition, they also make “pies” with flavors like apricot, apple, cherry, strawberry, and so on. Their “blueberry lemon” is yummy but their “strawberry lemonade was the knockout!” Overall, “this company really knows their way into your tastebuds and your heart.” So, come on down “and get your sweet tooth” fixed! 

(214) 228-3652

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