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Mars Hill Farm

Farm & Ranch in Ferris

Trevor and Julie Farr founded the Mars Hill Farm in 2015. The two wanted to provide refugees a place to practice their skills for free. On the other hand, Kendall and Jonathan Herb became the brains of the farm operation. Julia and Blake Schwarz later joined the two couples in 2018 as they share the same goals as the founders.Today, the farm sells flowers, produce, and meat. Dahlias, anemones, and gladiolus are just some of the flowers they grow. If interested, you will love their flower delivery options and cut-your-own-flowers services.

The climate in Ferris changes a lot, so they continuously test which crops grow best in the land. Right now, they are growing peppers, tomatoes, corns, squash, okra, and pumpkins.

The farm also grows Belted Galloways and Longhorns for excellent marbling and low-fat content.

(972) 503-9375

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