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Chandler Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Mabank

Chandler Family farm is a small family farm in the heart of Maybank. The owners of the farm are incredibly passionate about producing pasture-raised meat and growing their own produce.Currently, the farm contains over a hundred hens, five roosters, and over forty rock broilers. They also have two dogs named Mabel and Honey, a cat named Grey Kitty, a horse named Olive, and a special bull calf named Lucky.They sell veggies depending on the season. What people keep coming back for are their free-range chicken eggs. They also offer pasture-raised beef and pork.Surprisingly, they also offer cut flower bouquets.They sell their product are Athens Farmers Market. Check their Facebook page for updates though.CSA Through Deep Roots CSA.

Deep Roots CSA

Farm & Ranch in Mabank

Deep Roots CSA is showing us what it looks like when community-supported agriculture is successful and sustainable. Deep Roots CSA is a collaboration that aims to meet a simple goal: make sure everyone has healthy food. Two farming families collaborated and they collaborated with the community who promised to support their endeavor. In return, they are promised fruits and vegetables produced with pesticides or GMOs. You'll never get tired of hearing feel-good stories like this, especially when you are on the table eating food that nourishes and makes you feel good.

(903) 910-5663

Sugar Acres

Farm & Ranch in Mabank

Home to the best Pecos watermelons, Sugar Acres produces the freshest and sweetest unique fruits in Texas. The farmers there also fro orange watermelons, pluots, and cherries. Currently, Jodi and Morgan Pilgrim, along with their daughter Raquel Morehead own and manage the farm. For over fifty years, the couple has provided. the DFW community not only with fresh produce but also new recipes. Morgan is also extremely popular in the local farmers as he helped almost every farm in Colleyville, Hurst,  and North Richland hill. Visit them now to not miss their delicious honey, jarred produces, garden plants, and decorative pots. A Facebook review says, "My wife and I have gone here twice. They have the best and freshest produce around. The no sugar added jams are great." And oh, their pickled beets are to die for!

(817) 888-2254

Windy Oaks Grassfed

Farm & Ranch in Mabank

Windy Oaks Grassfed has been running since 1839 by a six-generation family of farmers at Mabank, Texas. Unlike any other farm, Windy Oaks Grassfed's ultimate quest is to heal the land, the people, and the animals. They "do not use herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, or synthetic fertilizers on their pastures"This farm "offers 100% grass-fed, grass-finished Angus beef, which grazes their Bermuda-gone-native pastures", from birth to harvest. They also "provide steers and heifers fabricated to their customers' specifications, whole-animal ground beef, pastured eggs, and pastured chickens". Windy Oaks Grassfed says yes to natural, healthy immune systems. Yes, to increased nutrient intake; Yes to wildlife; and Yes, to contented animals. Yes, to healthy ecosystems!

(512) 468-0221

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