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Double Barrel Dessert CompanyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Mabank

Double Barrel Dessert Company whips up “wonderful creations” and an “impressive” amount of desserts!  If you craving or stocking up on dessert options such as ice cream, sorbets, bread, cookies, cakes, pies, truffles, and even coffee, you can get all of them from Double Barrel Dessert Company!  And if you’ve got something in mind for a special event or occasion, she can also do custom orders! Now that’s a real sweet treat!

(469) 235-3392

Lili’s Hot Tamales

Artisan Food Producer in Mabank

Lili’s Hot Tamales is a local food stand in Gun Barrel City that crafts and sells “authentic Mexican tamales” to the community. Their “tamales are to die for!” It’s “absolutely the best tamales; not just around the lake but anywhere!” The “chicken tamales were delicious; they were hot and ready to eat.” You will also “love” their “cactus tamales, cheese and jalapeño tamales, and corn and zucchini,” which is also served the same way.  Without a doubt, this food producer carries an authentic and legendary tamales recipe. As they say, “the love and affection that goes in making every tamal is simply due to the fact that we want to provide our customers with the same high-quality food we serve our Great-granddaughter Lili.” No wonder that “everyone in GBC is raving about these tamales!” 

(214) 226-5166

Saint Maria & Isidore Farm

Farm & Ranch in Mabank

The farmers behind the operation for Saint Maria and Isidore Farm like to call themselves as 'The Bonin-5.' The Bonin-5 is composed of Brett, Cresta, Zoie, Sophia, and Makenzie. Together, they run the 117-acre farm. One of the owners, Brett, is a retired military officer and a disabled veteran. Moreover, he has developed a passion for farming, wildlife, and forestry.Today, the Sain Maria and Isidore Farm specializes in raising bees, livestock, vegetables, and wildlife preservation.They named the farm after the patron saints of farming: Maria and Isidore. To them, the farm produces abundant harvests of grapes, plums, and more through God. When they do have a substantial bounty, they make some of the best artisanal products. "James and honey are the best, absolutely delicious!"

(504) 481-1558

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