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Ham Orchards

Farm & Ranch in Terrell

There’s more to Ham Orchards than just their freshly-picked peaches. Dale and Judy Ham started the orchard back in 1979 with just 50 trees. Today, there’s over 10,000 trees planted in 100 acres. Almost everyone swears by the quality of the peaches they get from this orchard.There’s more to Ham Orchards than just peaches, though. Through the years, they’ve gained a reputation for selling the most high quality produce and products at affordable prices at their onsite farm market. Find various other fresh fruits and vegetables, jarred products (jams, jellies, preserves, butter, dressings, etc.), cider (made from fresh fruits), pecans, and fudge (deliciously decadent). They’re famous for their peach and strawberry ice cream (“Best peach and strawberry ice cream this side of the Mississippi!”), and proud of their signature peach pulled pork barbecue, too!But no, ham doesn’t grow from their trees.

(972) 524-2028

Harmony Harvest Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Terrell

Donnie Larkin manages the Harmony Harvest Family Farm. They used to grow and sell vegetables. However, their veggie farmer moved out of state, so they only sell beautiful and colorful heritage chicken eggs.There are a lot of farms raising heritage chicken and selling free-range eggs. So, what makes the farm different from others?Well, they also raise Ameraucanas and Cuckoo Marans. Ameraucanas are chickens that lay beautiful blue-ish and green-ish kinds of eggs. On the other hand, Cuckoo Marans lay stunning chocolate brown eggs.Therefore, expect a cute array of colors when you buy a tray of eggs from the farm!

(214) 690-1928

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