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Cultivar Coffee Bar and Roaster (East Dallas)

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

Offering a variety of single origin and micro-lot coffees, Cultivar Coffee Bar and Roaster is a Dallas based micro-roaster that has coffee bars in East Dallas, Oak Cliff and Denton. They sell espresso based drinks, brewed coffee and loose tea. You can also pick up a bag of beans for the house that they roast fresh every week. They are also a wholesale supplier of coffee, tea and equipment. Cultivar Coffee Bar and Roaster is deeply committed to “quality and sustainability” that’s why they source only the best coffee. There is nothing better than sitting and thinking about what you are consuming, right? Your coffee was grown by a farmer, hand picked and processed, roasted to perfection and brewed for your cup. Let that journey become a part of your experience.

(972) 677-7895

Dugg Burger

Restaurant in Dallas

The food at Dugg Burger is "very fresh" and "very good!". "Build it like you like it". Their "burger" is "perfectly cooked" with "the toppings" that are "fresh". They served their fries "nice and crispy" and you will also "liked the seasoned salt on them as well". You will "like how the burger had been "dugg" out to make room for all" of the "toppings". You will "especially liked the onion strings and honey mustard". Also, "they cook the burgers fresh, so be prepared to wait a good ten minutes before you get your food". The "ambience reminds" some of the "San Diego's scene". This place is a "great scene for tasty Burgers" with a "service" that is "very kind and attentive". Also, this is a "nice place to meet and catch up with family".

(214) 584-6261

GoldRush MustardNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Bogata

GoldRush will make your life taste better! They are the “gold standard in sweet-hot mustard world.” Using the finest ingredients, made by the finest people, GoldRush features a two-step taste treasure: “a buttery sweet kiss followed by a rush of hot wow!” Sweet hot blends include: Original, Premium, Coco nugget for the vegan, and Stupid Poison Mustard. They also have the Lava, a spicy whole grain mustard, labeled as "All Heat - No Sweet." GoldRush Mustard came from a secret family recipe, and they produce in small batches, selling direct to consumers, retail stores, and by the gallon to food service businesses. Each jar of their original mustard is made with pure, sweet cream butter.

(214) 335-8345

Good Local Markets (White Rock)

Farmers Market in Dallas

Good Local Markets hosts the White Rock Farmers Market in the parking lot of Lake Point Church, 9150 Garland Rd. This is a recurring market and the market includes up to 50 vendors selling locally grown food and goods. Also, Good Local staff visits each farm and ranch. This is to make sure that what is being sold at the market is grown locally. "Tasty blueberries, garlic wands, honey sticks, tomatoes; people watching, dog watching, flower power, chalk drawing, egg longing, coop hoping, quiche eating, coffee-sipping FUN!" With "many different items to choose from", it is a"great way to support small businesses". Also, "always loving the feel-good vibes too!"

(781) 223-0655

Humble Pies

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

Another pie shop in the city! Simply old fashion classic pies they make; with a price tag equaling to the well known artisan pies of this city. Humble Pies is quite cozy but very inviting. Their pie selections are extensive and they are using only the “freshest ingredients!” Whether you want a slice or the whole pie, they have a wide selection of flavors for you like the best sellers - “Chocolate Cream Pie, Coconut Cream Pie, and Buttermilk Chess”. The crust is tick and flaky and the pie itself was heavenly. The establishment was nice and the customer service was spot on. You can sit and enjoy or take it to go. They have a parking lot that is shared by the shopping stop in which it is located but it has plenty of parking available.

(214) 458-9039

Natural Grocers – Dallas – Garland

Store in Dallas

"There is a lot to learn about the supplements that are sold in the store". "Other stores in the Dallas area are lacking when it comes to the freshness of their produce". Yes, "they have fresh produce" and "they have the best prices on pastured eggs and a variety of great organic produce". And, their "granola aisle or bulk bagged goods section" has a "very good quality at a reasonable price". "Great staff and good prices, plus they have kombucha on tap". Also, "the interior decor is unified, but you can tell there's a bit of a quirky mind behind it all". "They even have a little reading section!" 

(214) 321-4777

Stanford Family Farms

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

The family that owns and operates the Stanford Family Farms of today is related to the farmers who tend the land in Northeast Texas as early as the 1900s. Located in Dallas, Texas, Stanford Family Farms focus on two things. First, they want to teach others the ropes of urban farming. Another thing they do is make and sell freshly-made food, sourced from fellow local farmers. They have marinated mushrooms, chicken broth, and mushroom broth. They also have ingredients for making pies, like fillings, toppings, and doughs. Once the bread is ready, you'll need a jam, or jelly, or marmalade for added sweetness. Thankfully, they sell these too! For some savory flavors, check out their salsa or pickles.

(903) 689-3719

Swedish Sisters BakeryNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Dallas

You’re in for unique treats at the Swedish Sisters Bakery.  It’s like going on a trip to the Scandinavian region, though a bite of their specially made Swedish bread and desserts.  School yourself with Swedish food terms and indulge in their authentic flavor.  Some of their baked goods include the Semlor or Swedish cream buns, the Lussekatt or Swedish saffron buns and even the Kanelbullar, or Swedish cinnamon rolls!  And have you got a lot to try in their line up as “the sisters are always adding to their menu!”

(214) 328-8109

The Green Spot Store

Store in Dallas

Green Spot is a "healthy convenience store” that provides high quality healthy choices of food and beverages to their customers at affordable prices. They offers healthy, organic, natural food and beverages as well as some personal care products. They also brew “Direct Trade and Rain Forest Alliance coffee.” All the food that they serve is preservative free. The meats are locally sourced and all natural. They use cage-free eggs from animals that have been humanely treated and without the use of antibiotics or growth hormones, and nitrates. Their sauces including bbq sauce, ranch, and dressings are “made from scratch in the kitchen.” The Green Spot Store also carry a healthy choice of snacks for kids and adults, baked goods, gluten free options, biodegradable and non-toxic cleaning products. 

(214) 319-7768

White Rock Local Market

Farmers Market in Dallas

White Rock Local Market is part of the Good Local Markets which is a 501 © 3 non-profit whose mission is to support local farmers and ranchers, incubate small businesses, increase food access, and cultivate healthy communities. "You can get farm-fresh veggies, eggs, chicken that comes from the farm". And, "like everyone has said, it's a large market and full of good things". You will also "love coming here". "It's fun to walk around, meet the farmers and artisans, and shop for croissants, eggs, pies, and don't miss the chocolate peppermint popsicle at Pop Star Popsicles" too. Also, you should "see the web site for a list of vendors, but you will find everything from, crafts, clothing, dog-related items to plants, meat farmers, baked goods and fresh eggs from a variety of fowl". Also, "get there early if you want duck eggs, they sell out quickly!"

Yims FoodsNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

Located in Dallas, Texas, Yims Foods offer artisan pickled vegetables, preserved fruits, jams, and jellies. All items are made in small batches with “special attention to detail” and quality in The Mix commercial kitchen. They serves the customer with the best products and work to support local farms and celebrate food traditions while doing it. Their products are tested for “Food Safety, Shelf-life durability, and safe Acidified Product pH” through a professional testing facility, and approved by Texas Food Process Authority. Yims Foods enjoy working and supporting local businesses, knowing that they appreciate the quality products they bring. As a local business, they love the connection they all have with each other, and the consumers appreciate the partnerships.

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