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Bluffview Growler

Restaurant in Dallas

Situated just north of the Love Field Airport on Northwest Highway, Bluffview Growler is a local fill station particularly known for its extensive selection of wine, cider, kombucha, root beer, and a whopping 52 taps of craft beer. It boasts a rotating lineup of craft beers with emphasis on local brews which you can enjoy in their "spacious" taproom or at the Growler. It also offers a full pizza menu from I Fratelli to pair your drinks with because "pizza" and "beer" definitely go well together. Whether you're a seasoned wine or beer enthusiast or a complete amateur in terms of alcohol, drinking local is so much fun at Bluffview Growler.

(469) 607-2337

Central Market (Dallas Midway)

Store in Dallas

"The team" in Central Market (Dallas Midway) "is exceptional, the selection is small but always fresh and it’s becoming my weekly go to". This is an "amazing place, especially for prepared goods". "Great selection, changes regularly and VERY accommodating staff". "The produce department is excellent" too. "This store has a mushroom section that has varieties that most stores never stock". "They also have some great deals on random items every day so if you don't have a setlist of things you need, it can be a lot more affordable". They also have "great fresh foods, especially pre-prepared meals to take home on a busy weekday". Also, "the sushi is really delicious!"

(469) 697-7800

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse

Restaurant in Dallas

Pappas Bros. Steakhouse takes great pride in itself in serving the "best steaks". It purchases only the USDA Prime graded corn-fed beef, highest quality American lamb meat, fresh seafood, and ingredients. Their menu consists of appetizers, soup and salad, steaks, seafood, vegetables, and desserts. This steakhouse also keeps every procedure in-house including the dry-aging process to develop the flavor of the meat. That being said, the "stars of the show" are definitely, without a doubt, the "dry-aged steaks".With a "timeless recipe" that has been instilled in this family-run business, you know for sure you're about to have the most "impeccable" steak experience.

(214) 366-2000

Park Lane PantryNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Dallas

Park Lane Pantry offers “premium gluten-free snack” that is low in sugar, locally made in small batch production to ensure highest quality and taste consistency with all natural nutrient-rich heart-healthy oats, coconut oil, fruits and nuts. It grew from a simple idea to be North Texas' epicurean premium granola that is a lightly sweet, and salty delicious gluten-free snack with a crunch that is low in sugar. Park Lane Pantry entails quality “top-of-the-line” natural ingredients, like whole grain gluten-free rolled oats, Medjool Dates, 100% canola-free, fruits and nuts with no artificial of anything in color, flavors or preservatives. They are all together for your better snacking anytime, anywhere when the cravings hit.

(469) 406-4377

SouthWest Spirits

Distillery in Dallas

They have "great spirits" and they are a "great company!" Southwest Spirits is the 3rd largest distillery in Texas. A solution based company for large scale products. Their place is strategically located in Dallas, Texas near I-35. With a premium portfolio of brands that give satisfaction for a wide variety of industry needs and opportunities, it is good to say that "their products are exceptional!" Their portfolio also includes award-winning brands. The company also creates, registers, distills and bottles spirits brands for key business partners. They will be updating their website and Facebook when they are open for public tours.

(214) 459-3929

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