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Keeton Beef

Farm & Ranch in Laredo

Dennis Thomas Gibbs bought the farmland in the 1940s. Then, he gave it to his daughter Kathryn Keeton. Kathryn had three sons. Her son Dennis continued the farm. Dennis's sons Dennis Jr and Gibbs established the Keeton Cattle Co. Today, Kathryn is over ninety and is happy for the achievements of her great-grandsons. All of the meat from Keeton Beef is USDA inspected. They raise their cows on the farm. The farm produces cow food like hay, grass, and silage to guarantee 0% use of hormones and chemicals. After harvest, they dry-age the meat between 14 to 21 days. Then, they pack and freeze them to maximum freshness.

(903) 664-2204

Narrow Way Farms

Farm & Ranch in Ivanhoe

Jennifer Greer and her family manages and owns the Narrow Way Farms. The farm is close to the DW metroplex. Catch them at Downtown Denison Farmers Market and Denton Community Market to try them out. They also have an online ordering system set up for smooth delivery.The farm raises non-GMO pasture-raised hogs, chickens, and sometimes turkey. Whether you need whole or parted chicken, fresh-cut pork or delicious pork sausages, eggs or turkey, they can have it delivered to you.Facebook comments generally applaud the farmers and the products they sell. "Outstanding people. I love doing business with them. Thank you for having such wonderful products."Visit their farm and enjoy a welcoming and informative tour from the Greer Family themselves.

(903) 583-1204

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