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Aussie Acres

Farm & Ranch in Mount Pleasant

Aussie Acres is owned by Anette Flanagan, an Aussie farm owner living her retirement dreams.  At Aussie Acres, she offers pastured pork, beef, egg, poultry, and lamb.Her pastured eggs are from Freedom Rangers chicken. To achieve the highest egg quality, she allows her hens to roam on the grass happily chasing bugs and small insects. She even regularly go on a 5-hr drive to get non-GMO and non-soy chicken feed. Talk about dedication!Currently, she has two Guernsey cows producing A2A2 milk that is perfect for people who can't drink regular milk. While she cannot sell them yet, building a dairy is something to watch out!If you want to get sustainably grown meat from this farm, please go to Carrollton Farmer's Market, Colleyville Street Market, or St. Michael's Farmer's Market. Check their website for a detailed summary of schedules. Don't miss it!

(903) 379-2333

Two Less Farms

Farm & Ranch in Mount Pleasant

Two Less Farms is located in Mount Pleasant, Texas. This is the "home of 100% grass-fed AGA and BQA Certified beef."  Meat rabbits, chickens, turkeys as well as free-range chicken eggs & honey are also raised and sold from this farm.  All Natural Beeswax Skin/Facial Creams are also available.

(903) 573-5354

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