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Backstory Brewery

Craft Brewery in Sulphur Springs

Dr. Robert Lenington wears many hats and owner of Backstory Brewery is one of them. After settling in Sulphur Springs and opening his medical practice, he and head brewer Phillip Rose discussed the benefits of opening a brewery to serve the Sulphur Springs community. A homebrewer himself, the doctor’s friendship with Phillip goes back over 20 years. Soon after, they both made the leap and established BackStory Brewery in 2017. With the mantra “good people deserve great beer”, the co-founders are dedicated to brewing “the highest quality craft beer available”. This “small town brewery” stands on a building that was built in 1907. It has a kid- and a dog-friendly environment with a wide selection of in-house brews. “You’d only expect (this brewery) in a much larger city… the best cold brews in town!” It is really "fortunate" that there is "this amazing brewery" which is really "fitting for some of the coolest hangouts in Uptown Dallas or Austin!"

(903) 438-2337

HindsFeet Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sulphur Springs

Owned by Richard and Laurie Hinds, HindsFeet Farm began in October 2010 for the pleasure and the learning experience for their 10 newly adopted children to have an experience of living and working on a farm. They have farm animals, several breeds of chickens, Nubian goats, Large Black Hogs, Angus and Jersey cows on grass. Aside from grass feeding all animals, they also feed the chickens and hogs garden vegetables, fruits, and clovers as well. They also offer truly pasture free eggs, poultry (turkey and chicken), as well as pork and beef. They have pick up points within 90 miles of their farm in Sulphur Springs, including Dallas and surrounding North East Texas, and directly from the farm. Call them for a pick up near you!

(972) 342-9628

Phinesse Farms

Winery in Sulphur Springs

Phinesse Farms is a local vineyard with a storefront winery in downtown Sulphur Springs. You can "just swing in and have a glass of their Merlot" which is very good and "it's to die for!" You can also try the "Carmel Apple winerita" which is "just perfect on a hot afternoon". They also offer home winemaking classes throughout the year. You can contact them or check their website for the schedule of events and "live music" which they sometimes have "on weekends". Aside from the "wonderful wine", they also have the "friendliest folks" and you can even "enjoy" a "conversation with the owner".

(903) 243-8673

The Bass Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sulphur Springs

Several businesses in Texas sell poultry, pork and beef, and fresh produce. A rabbit farm, however, is not as common. Granted that the demand for rabbit meat is not as high as traditional red meat, but if ever the need arises, The Bass Farm guarantees those who need rabbit meat and organically-grown vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, okra, kale, collard greens) that supply is available, especially for those living in and near Sulphur Springs.

(903) 485-8165

Wallace Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi

Wallace Family Farm is a sustainable and all-natural egg farm located in Sulphur Springs, Texas. The hens' diets consist of pasture, supplemented with all-natural grains that are free from Soy, animal fillers or GMO products. The hens also roam freely. They offer the best in fresh, farm eggs from their Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Rhode Island Reds, Leghorns, and Cinnamon Queen hens. They also offer delivery service at no extra charge. There may be a minimum order required for delivery if the delivery address is outside of the Sulphur Springs area. If you also ask them "which is better? white or brown eggs?", their answer is "There is no difference between brown or white eggs. The color of the shell depends on the breed of the chicken, and the color of the yoke depends on the hen's diet".  

(903) 951-1049

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