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Bois d’Arc Meat Company

Farm & Ranch in Windom

A farm with a long history, the family owning Bois d'Arc Meat Co. has been raising livestock since 1850.While the previous generations have practiced traditional farming methods, the new generation managing the farm now practices sustainable farming. They have successfully revived the land from the damage of conventional agriculture.Now, they are raising hogs: Gloucestershire old spot and red wattle pigs. They also have several grass-fed cattle, egg-laying hens, and midget white turkeys.All of their cattle are raised for 2.5 years to achieve good fat content that leads to best marbling. Better marbling also lets them dry-age their beef products longer for better flavor.They haven't updated their CSA page since September 21, 2015, contact them directly for more information.

(617) 314-1349

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