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Alexander’s Meat Market

Butcher in Winnsboro

Satisfy your meat cravings! “Owned by Donnie & Kelli Alexander,” Alexander's Meat Market is a “local and online meat market” located in Winnsboro, Texas that offers meat that are cut to order. Some of their offering includes Bacon, Beef Cutlets, Chicken and they specialize in choice “Black Angus beef, fresh pork, chicken and seafood” that are high in quality with fair prices. Their packages are better than what you'll find stocked in local grocery stores. Alexander’s Meat Market makes it “easy to shop online and pick up orders” in-store in Winnsboro, Texas. They treat every customer as a friend for life. They always have “fresh-cut meats to order every day” and strive to provide unmatched customer service to you.

(903) 342-0300

Archangels Infinity Lavender Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

Archangels Infinity Lavender Ranch should be your first and only stop if you are in Winnsboro, Texas, looking for lavender. This is not just a farm offering Instagram-worthy tours of its beautiful lavender farm. Archangels Infinity Lavender Ranch provides products and services as long as it is related to lavender. They make lavender bouquets, flower walls, and wreaths. They have lavender-infused bath salt, lavender sachets, lavender shortbread, lavender baking mix, lavender lemon or rose scones, and chocolate lavender squares, among the many delights they sell from their online store and in their stall in the farmers market.

(469) 243-2287

Ball Orchard

Farm & Ranch in Pierce

Ball Orchard has over a hundred fruit and nut trees including apples, pears, cherries, plums, figs, peaches, avocados, oranges, bananas, pecans, and hazelnuts.  You can also find a vineyard, vegetable garden, a greenhouse, and berries. They also offer a large selection of herbs and spices, canned and packaged products. A herd of sheep and a flock of chickens also assist with mowing, insect control, and fertilizing. Check out their website and Facebook page for their current products and their available schedule at the Winnsboro Farmers Market. They have a "great selection" and "they make the most amazing jams and pickles!" 

(903) 347-6038

Cypress Creek Southern Ales

Craft Brewery in Winnsboro

Cypress Creek Southern Ales is a small batch nano-brewery in Winnsboro. Mike Howard and his family owns and operates the brewery, which opened August 2018. Currently one of the highest rated brewery on the popular beer-centric app Untappd, it is also the lone representative for Texas.Mike is a veteran of the U.S. Navy and specialized in IT upon leaving the service. His brewing philosophy simply means he brews “the beers (he and his family) want to drink". The brewery currently has almost 50 beers available for rating on Untappd, which are all named after something in Winnsboro or in connection with the East Texas area.According to one review, the brewery's taproom is “small and cozy”. However, the beers are “nothing short of sudsy divine-ness”. In good weather, the outdoor area becomes a venue for corn hole and horseshoe games.

(903) 347-6120

Falster Farm and Cattle Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

'Falster Farm and Cattle Range' has been raising excellent cattle breeds since 1998. They carry Mini Hereford Cows, Red Angus, Mini Jersey, and A2A2 Dairy cows and bulls.Nancy and Karl are the farmers behind the success of the farm. They offer organic food, cattle breeding services, and educational events.Whether you are new in farming or someone looking to add cattle in your farm, the couple offers an on-farm consultation. They are ready and willing to share their knowledge and answer all questions related to starting a cattle line on your farm.They are one of the registered breeders of Herefords in the entire USA so you can be sure they will give all the information you need.They also offer on-farm processing as well.They haven't updated their CSA page since October 2019, contact them directly for more information.

(903) 629-3034

From Oven With LovinNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Winnsboro

From Oven With Lovin is a bakery based in Winnsboro, Texas. This bakery specializes in making and selling sweets and baked goods. They do custom homemade cakes for any occasion. The amazing cakes that they have done for customers showcase their talent in making custom cakes! Visit them or leave them a message if you want to enjoy their custom-made cake or some of their all-time favorites too - cookies, pies, brownies cinnamon rolls, breads, and more.

(903) 347-3250

Glover Farm Vineyard

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

In Winnsboro, Texas, you can find Glover Farm Vineyard. It specializes in growing Scuppernong grapes, Muscadine grapes, Black Spanish grapes, and Blanc Du Bois grapes. Also, they have Red Lane, Supreme, Noble, and Cowart varieties. Their grapes are ripe mid-July, and winemakers usually make reservations. Aside from grapes, they also have fresh eggs and some seasonal vegetables. Moreover, the grower uses synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Potted one-gallon Muscadine plants are available year-round and ready to pick beginning in August.Furthermore, they make award-winning jelly, grape cider, and wine vinegar. From Agust through October, You Pick vineyard is in season. For availability, reservations, or directions, you can call, email, or check their Facebook page.

(903) 243-3410

Hartvickson Family FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

The Hartvickson Family Farm was founded in 2016. They raise hogs free of hormones, chemicals, antibiotics and vaccines. The pigs are allowed to graze pastures, and they only eat clean and natural good from nature.The farm also raises hogs that are show quality.According to the farm owners, their hogs are processed and packed thoroughly after a USDA inspection. After that, they never allow the meat to be exposed to additives like MSG, nitrates, and food color; not even water can touch their packed meat.Catch them at Canton Farmers Market. They usually sell there till noon.

(817) 822-2679

Homesteading Hippies FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

Homesteading Hippies Farm started over five years ago in the East Texas area. With a small 6-acre farm, the couple managing the operations of the farm were able to plant vegetables and raise poultry animals.Their bestselling products are Coturnix quail eggs, free-range chickens, and pork. They also sell dairy products from their goats.The farmers also make several homemade products like soaps, lotion bars, body bars, and shampoos.In the last couple of years, they have been perfecting their fermenting and brewings skills. Kombucha is one product they will sell once they are happy with their work. Follow them on Facebook to stay updated!

Jersey Girls Milk

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

In just five miles east of Winnsboro, Texas, you will find the Jersey Girls Milk Company. It is inside the premies of C-Tex Farms.The farm sells the best raw unpasteurized and unhomogenized milk from wholesome Jersey cows. Jersey cows make the best source of dairy milk as they produce the creamiest milk out of all the dairy cattle breeds. All of their farm cows are completely rBGH and rBST. No artificial hormones included.The farm also sells yogurt, cheese, whey, cream, and more.Facebook Reviews generally praise their dairy product quality. "The best milk in Northeast Texas! The creamiest milk and the most heavenly yogurt! It is the only kind my family can tolerate!"

(903) 365-2449

New Morning Acres

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

New Morning Acres offers fruits and vegetables that are naturally grown on their farm.  The owners, being former city dwellers, have fully embraced life on the farm.  Through this endeavor, they have started on their goal, which is "to grow healthy and nutritious fruits and vegetables you can't get at the grocery store."  Some of their fresh from the farm produce include mushrooms, arugula, lettuce, tomatoes, kale, leeks, radishes, carrots and more!  They also offer salad mixes and other seasonal crops!  They offer a "wonderful selection of goodies" for buyers who will "enjoy the freshness and the organic and natural growing methods they practice in growing their products." 

(903) 503-0803

Piney Woods RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

Piney Woods Ranch started serving people with their drug-, chemical-, and hormone-free meat in 2010. Since then, they have been raising slow-growing heritage breeds of chicken, pigs, and turkey.The farm allows their animals to freely roam in the sun and enjoy fresh air, just like how nature intends it to be. Today, the farm has a certification for Naturally Grown livestock and produce.You are going to love their blueberries, asparagus, elderberry plants, zucchini, and rhubarb. Moreover, they do not use fertilizers, herbicides, or any other chemical on their pastures and garden.Try their fresh eggs, produce, and meat at Winnsboro Farmers Market between April to October.

(903) 629-3332

Ranchez Farm

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

Ranchez Farm, from the 'R' in Robert and 'anchez' in Sanchez, is a ranch that produces pastured beef, free-range chicken, and fresh produce. "I love the nice fresh produce. Customer service is great and friendly so nice job." Selling at Winnsboro Farmers Market on Saturdays, the farm offers chemical-free food from non-GMO seeds and animals. The farm also sells the best tasting honey! "It is just amazing to me how one honey can taste different from the next, based on the flower source. Ranchez Farm's honey is yummy goodness!" The farm does its best to avoid all sorts of pesticides, including organic pesticides, to provide maximum care for all of their bees. Ranchez Farm is also home to beautifully cut flowers, seedlings, herbs, and more. While these are only available seasonally, you still shouldn't miss it. Follow them on Facebook to be up-to-date- with what's available in the season.

(717) 645-8778

Star Dragonfly Herb Company

Store in Winnsboro

In a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere there is always a hot tea to enjoy while you shop! Located in Winnsboro Texas, Star Dragonfly Herb Company is an herb shop that has a very large presence. Customers come from far and wide to wander around a selection of over “300 teas, more than 200 essential oils and an endless number of spices and herbs.” But the most important ingredient that lends to the stores continuing growth of new and repeat customers is the personal attention and consistent caring service that the owner “Susan Thames” and her staff provide. After almost seven years in business Susan has grown her business the “old-fashioned way with simple word of mouth” from satisfied and grateful customers.

(903) 588-4313

Ten Oaks FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

Frozen big-brand chickens in the frozen section of the grocery are never the better choice compared to a locally-grown, farm-fresh bird. And looking at how clean and well-prepared the whole pastured chickens sold at Ten Oaks Farm are, all the more reason to source locally and buy fresh poultry. Ten Oaks Farm also sells fresh produce like squash, tomatoes, and peppers which you can use to cook your chicken. They also have eggs and jams to go with your breakfast coffee. If you are thinking of stocking up, find them at Winnsboro Farmer's Market which they frequent.

(817) 366-2294

Texas Gold HoneyNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

Owned by Bill Zimmer, an East Texas Beekeeper for 12 years. He operates 60 hives in Wood County and works tirelessly to keep bees healthy and productive. They offer raw, unfiltered, all-natural wildflower and clover honey. Also, their produce was named Best Tasting Honey at the 2016 Texas State Fair. Their honey bees also make honey made from blackberries, persimmons, fruit trees, blueberries, wild roses, clovers, and the many beautiful wildflowers that grow in East Texas. Also, Bill does not heat or pasteurize his honey, preferring to preserve the natural vitamins, minerals and enzymes to retain the healthful benefits of its raw state. He also offers several different types including clover and wildflower. To be able to call a honey a “clover” or other types, at least 45% of the pollen detected must be from that particular source plant.

(469) 222-3901

W W Farms

Farm & Ranch in Winnsboro

W W Farms offers farm-fresh produce, eggs, bread, jams and even various handmade crafts.  They can be found regularly at the Winnsboro Farmers Market.  Some of their produce include tomatoes, peppers, radishes, onions, carrots and cabbage.  Tasty bread loaves like Banana Nut or Strawberry are also available, as well as different jam flavors like strawberry, blueberry, pear or peach.

(903) 975-3591

Winnsboro Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market in Winnsboro

The Winnsboro Farmers’ Market keeps up with changing market needs. It first opened in 2008 through the efforts of city officials. By 2010, they had by-laws governing the board’s operations in place. They also formulated rules and regulations governing the market and its vendors. To extend the market beyond its April to October season, the market developed an online store. The store acts as an extension of the physical market and gives a convenient option for shoppers. These efforts help bring together local farmers, makers, and bakers together with “discerning shoppers”. They are also intended to enhance the local economy and foster community relationships.For its efforts, the market won the 2018 Best Produce category in County Line’s Best of the Upper East Side contest. It was also a past winner of the same contest in 2011 – the same year they took home the American Farmland Trust organization’s 2nd Favorite Farmer’s Market in Texas award.

(903) 440-5392

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