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3BN Ranch

Farm & Ranch in Louise

The 400-acre 3BN Ranch is a family-owned ranch in Texas. They raise chickens out on the pasture that puts natural fertilization down, and their pigs break up the ground and will mix in the natural chicken fertilizer. Their quest quickly leads them into full-time ranching. The Ranch loves raising their animals in the old fashion way. Furthermore, they have a passion for environmental stewardship and animal husbandry. They raise their animals in pasture and not in confinement barns. Also, they utilize low-stress animal handling techniques for happier and healthier animals. Happy client says, "Everything we have tried so far in 3BN Ranch is so good! From the ground beef to the chicken and the eggs. They are all amazing!! Plus, we love that they are local, and we love knowing where our meat comes from and how it raised. As long as 3BN Ranch is operational, they will have us as customers!" You can shop online for home delivery, local pick up locations, or visit them in the farmers market, and more! 

(903) 399-3199

Czech Please Microbakery

Bakery in Gilmer

Pre-ordering or getting to Czech Please Microbakery early will be a good habit as everything that she whips up, her buyers absolutely cannot get enough of real quick! Even those who have never tried Czexan confections, especially the authentic Czech pastries Kolaches and Klobasniky, became such believers upon first taste! Said to make her customers’ “taste buds do a happy dance”, Czech Please has a variety of baked goodies to choose from: bread loaves, cinnamon rolls, and puddings, snack mixes, rolls, pies, crackers, and even Fauxnuts, which is her own take on donuts, and so much more.

(903) 238-6928

Seymour’s Country Store

Store in Gilmer

A family-owned country store that is also open daily from 6 AM to 9 PM. This place is "more than a gas station". This is "the best locally-owned store you will find in the East Texas area" operating since 2012. The owners are "always friendly folks and a clean store" that offers "fresh food as well". They also have American Earl, Pepper jack Earl, Sausage & Cheese, and Jalapeño Sausage & cheese delivered hot and fresh every morning from Shipley Do-Nuts. They also offer fresh baked cookies, chocolate chip, peanut butter and macadamia nut cookies! You can even just stop in and try their Taco Supreme sunflower seeds!

(903) 734-4399

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