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Anvil Brewing

Craft Brewery in Pittsburg

Anvil Brewing is housed in an old and historically significant building in Pittsburg. Armed with an idea to create a gathering place for a small town’s community, husband and wife Byron and Kristin Aldredge moved into Pittsburg and established the brewery.The long-shuttered Pilgrim's Pride Feed Store was once part of the town’s booming chicken business, but the 100-year-old building stood abandoned since 1961. With an economic development fund grant from the city as seed money, the Aldredges’ idea soon took flight. They installed craft beer equipment, refurbished the place, cooked up some mouthwatering menu items, and the result was a great venue that was a combination pub, dance hall with live music, and venue for private events. At any given time, they have five craft beers on tap, and their customers rave about the sandwiches. “Best Reuben ever!”

(903) 708-7557

Comeback Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Pittsburg

In a hundred miles east of Dallas, you will reach Comeback Creek Farm. John, the owner of Comeback Creek Farm, founded the farm in 2005. His wife, Aliza, started helping hin in 2012.With a hundred-acre land, they can produce different produce. To get a portion of their harvest, you can join their Farm Box Program. Being community-supported agriculture allows them to get funds from members before planting crops. In return, their members get boxes of produce during harvest season.They also supply produce to local chefs and restaurants. Whether you need fresh produce for the family or for the restaurant you own, leave them a message to get that relationship started! 

(903) 767-6855

Efurd Orchards

Farm & Ranch in Pittsburg

In just three miles south of Pittsburg, you can reach the Efurd Orchards at Highway 271.The farm started as a hobby. Then, it became a small family business. Today, they have customers all over the country, not just in Texas.With a national operation that Greg and Amy Efurd has to run, they still ensure all of their products are of the best quality.From mid-May to September, their peaches are in season. They also offer blackberries, sweet potatoes, apples, strawberries, blueberries, and plums. People visiting their farm also love their peach and vanilla ice cream.At the end of September, they usually re-open for their pumpkin U-pick activity. If you like pumpkin picking, be sure to mark your calendar.On a different note, they have recently opened a U-pick activity for their sunflowers too! 

(903) 856-2253

Los Pinos Ranch

Winery in Pittsburg

Los Pinos Ranch is a "beautiful vineyard tucked away in Camp County" is a "good place for a date, getaway weekend, or something new to see/do for sightseeing if you're in the area" of Piney Woods.  When you visit the winery, you will be "impressed with the well-maintained vineyards and grounds" and you can "walk through the vineyard which is fun and interesting". They serve "amazing" wines and "they even have two of their wines available frozen - Frose’ is the best!" You will have "a lot of fun and a relaxing time" even if this is the "first vineyard" that you will visit, it will not "disappoint" you.Los Pinos Ranch has been included in Kim's Lists as one of the 7 Most Scenic Wineries Across Texas. Check out the link to read more!

(903) 855-1769

Strube RanchNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Fruitvale

The Strube Ranch in Pittsburg, Texas, is a beef ranch since 1907. It is a family farm that has been active in the business for over 100 years. Their experience in raising beef is impeccable. Three generations of the Strube family maintain the high-quality of the production of their beef cattle livelihood. They always think about what will be best for the next generation! One of their clients says, “The beef of Strube Ranch is all-natural Wagyu "Kobe" beef. They are developed by an expert team of the fourth-generation family in beautiful East Texas. Their prime beef is all-natural! No hormones and definitely no animal by-products. They raise their beef humanely.” Visit Strube Ranch to experience Wagyu! Check their website for more information.

(903) 856-5768

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