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Fairhaven Vineyards

Winery in Hawkins

The Fairhaven Vineyards winery is located at the heart of the vineyard in the beautiful highlands of the Sabine Valley. The winery is "very easy to find in the back roads of East Texas". Currently, the TASTING ROOM CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC, is posted on their website although you can order online. They have "a great blend of dry to sweet wines with very distinctive tastes". "Texas Holiday Gluhwein", "Callisto Rose", and "Blanc DuBlanc" are just some of the "great wines" they offer. They are also currently "working on the tasting room and wood-fired pizza oven for 2020, plus some other Grecian inspired offerings so stay tuned".

(903) 769-4616

Hawkins Organic

Farm & Ranch in Hawkins

Matthew Williams is the founder of Hawkins Organic in Hawkins, Texas. Hawkins Organic is a small organic farm that offers fruits such as figs, blackberries, pears and muscadine grapes, and many more! Blackberries pick season is every month of June, figs are every month of July, pearls are every month of August, and muscadine grapes are every month of September. Furthermore, the owner is allowing the customers to pick their fruits on the farm. If you want to visit the farm, you can call them for an appointment schedule. Visit their social media pages to know more about Hawkins Organic. Try the most delicious organic fruits in Hawkins, Texas.

(903) 769-1017

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