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Sundance Ranch Blueberries

Farm & Ranch in Winona

Vincent and Kathleen Haby manage and own the Sundance Ranch Blueberries. In just 2 miles, south of I-20, you'll reach the farm filled with different kinds of blueberries. Currently, the farm has 68 bushes of large blueberries. The farmers do a great job in regularly maintaining the farm. They frequently weed and mow the unwanted plants growing around the blueberry bushes. Also, they continuously irrigate the farm to give the plants their complete water needs. Their blueberry orchard is open for U-pick services every Tuesday evening. Take your family with you and enjoy a fun-filled experience. A pound of harvest only costs $2.5. Hurry!

(903) 504-9969

Winona Orchards

Farm & Ranch in Winona

Winona Orchards have over two thousand peach, blueberry, and blackberry trees in the stunning rolling hills of Winona. John and Anita Sattler bought the land in 2007 when John had retired from the healthcare industry. After planting their first set of trees, it took four years before their first harvest. Their first commercial peach reached the market in 2010. It was annual pruning and caring that helped them achieve continuous growth and success. Check them at St Michael’s Farmers Market or Clearfork Farmers Market! In the summer, they are at Tyler Farmers Market, Rose City Farmers Market, Frisco Farmers Markey, Coppell Farmers Market, and McKinney Farmers Market. A happy customer said, "Beautiful, sweet and juicy peaches from East Texas! These are the REAL deal!"

(844) 893-7848

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