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Chubby Dog Farm

Farm & Ranch in Grapeland

A small organic farm found in East Texas; Chubby Dog Farm strives for sustainable and organic farming in their 68-acre farmland.Their primary goal is to provide proper care for food from the day of its conception to the time you eat it on your table.Currently, they are raising chickens, pigs, and goats. Depending on the season, they also offer different produces. In particular, they have a Mangalitsa boar crossed with Hereford pigs and red wattle pigs.Facebook reviews predominantly say that their pork is the best people have ever tasted. Aside from that, the owners provide outstanding customer service.

(361) 205-7472

Elliott Family Farm

Farm & Ranch in Grapeland

One of the most famous farms nearby Grapeland is Elliott Family Farm. They specialize in Southern peas (especially purple hull and cream peas), grain, and milled flours. Moreover, the family has been farming since 1854. Currently, they are transitioning to organic. This means that they use no chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Also, their Southern peas are sold fresh shelled by the gallon, quart, and pint, or unshelled by the bushel basket. Furthermore, they shell, force air clean, and bag their product. A satisfied customer said, "I baked oatmeal cooking using the oats that we got from your farm, and the kids loved them!"

(936) 687-3982

Grapeland Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market in Grapeland

"Agriculture roots run deep in Grapeland". Historically, "there was once a canning factory supplied with local produce". So with this,  "Grapeland Chamber decided to bring back the Farmer's Market experience in a big way".  There are available homegrown vegetables, jams and jellies, homemade crafts, succulent plants, bakery goods on this market. Plus, live music most Saturdays and also Pops Food Truck open for breakfast/lunch. Capital Farm Credit and Grapeland Chamber of Commerce sponsors this market. They usually "invite people who like live music to bring their lawn chair out and listen throughout the morning" because this event is free and open to the public. Finally, check out the website of Grapeland Chamber for an updated schedule of this market event.

(936) 687-4903

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