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Ash Creek Farms

Farm & Ranch in Azle

Ash Creek Farms is a small family farm specializing in grass-fed/grass-finished Angus cattle, free-range chicken, and pastured chicken eggs. With a personalized approach to animal care and farming, they can produce healthy, happy, and fresh food.Their Salad Bar Beef is strictly on a high-quality grass and hay diet. This type of food allows cattle to develop a third more fat than grain-fed ones. Take note. It is the type of fat that is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, good for the heart.All their chicken are free to roam in lush pastures in as early as 10 days old. This practice allows them to live a stress-free life. Customer reviews on Facebook say their chicken is tender and lean.Most customers pair it with the farm's seasonally-produced smoked salt. Some love to get their natural dog treats as well.

(817) 939-7457

Shines Farm Stand

Farm & Ranch in Azle

Shines Farm Stand is home to the best local produce whom restaurateurs keep coming back for more. When Charlie Blaylock and his wife moved to the house with a 1.3-acre empty backyard over two decades ago, the land was dry, darn near hostile, and incapable of supporting life. Through Charlie's hard work and determination, the soil became fertile again.Chef McCook from the Ellerbe Fine Foods says that she is a massive fan of the farm. "Charlie's enthusiasm truly shows on his vegetables. I always know I am getting a high-quality product."Today, he has an 8,400 square-foot garden with plots filled with nutritious plants. "Charlie grows the best veggies in the area! Go to Cowtown Farmers Market to see for yourself!"

(682) 999-7097

Twisted Oak Cattle Company

Farm & Ranch in Azle

Twisted Oak Cattle Company sells their excellent beef through Texas Craft Steaks. You can also get their beef straight from their farm! They raise all-natural grass-fed and grass-finished beef and they age their premium cuts. They're well-known for their awsome tomahawk ribeye steaks. Contrary to what some people might say, grass-fed beef doesn't taste like grass, it actually tastes beefier than regular grain fed beef!

(817) 879-5113

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