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Roman Heritage Farms

Farm & Ranch in Godley

The Roman Heritage Farm in Granbury, Texas, is a small 4-acre farm in Godley, Texas. It started in 2016 for the intention of providing quality and healthy food for people, especially those who have a severe health problem. Roman Heritage Farms is a pastured poultry farm that offers high quality and locally raised food. The farm produces non-GMO, soy-free raised chickens, and Turkeys in their surrounding areas. The farm believes that it is essential that their animals have a high quality of life so they can produce healthy products. One of their clients says, “They have the best eggs ever! I highly recommend it.” Check out their page or visit their farm to learn more about Roman Heritage Farm. They will be happy about accommodating you.They haven't updated their CSA page since 2017, contact them directly for more information.

(817) 243-9937

Triple Cross JerkyNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Godley

It shows confidence in your product that you don't have to use adjectives to describe and sell your product. No words like delicious, yummy, or tasty. Just pictures and the roster of flavors available. It piques the curiosity and heightens the excitement to have a taste. And after reading the praise offered by very satisfied customers, I do not doubt that Triple Cross Jerky is bang for the buck. Triple Cross Jerky is a business that sells beef jerky available in different flavors, with interesting names too. I can't imagine how food named Brimstone or Thorn is delicious but customers say they are. Try this brand of jerky today!

(817) 902-8630

Turning Point Farm

Artisan Food Producer in Godley

Turning Point Farm offers freshly grown and locally harvested microgreens. Carefully planned, meticulously grown and proudly harvested by local farmer Zach Kerr, he has brought to the market “the freshest and most nutrient dense produce year round.” Despite being new in the industry, the Turning Point Farm has quite a line up: micro basil, micro amaranth, pea shoots, sunflower shoots, and their mild and spicy microgreens mix. And watch out for what’s new from this farm, like their root crops, and a lot more up their sleeve!

(817) 727-3297

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