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1890 Marketplace (Granbury)

Store in Granbury

Located in Granbury, Texas, 1890 Marketplace offers “high-quality flavored olive oils, vinegars, and spices” from over 100 countries. The original inspiration for the marketplace came from a “signature spice rub” made in Texas over twenty-five years ago by the father of 1890 Marketplace co-owner “Jason Emerson.” They used the spice blend in cook-offs around Texas, and their cooking won award after award. Jason Emerson saw the potential to “introduce it to the restaurant scene.” Although he is hesitant to sell it, he eventually opened a small spice shop selling their special spice rub, olive oils, and other products. They have a ton of “small batch, high quality olive oil” from a few different regions, and some of them are infused with different flavors.

(817) 533-3400

Arison Farms

Farm & Ranch in Granbury

A small 8-acre sustainable family farm owned by the couple Aaron and Alison, Arison farm is a combination of the owners' names. It is only five minutes north of Granbury Town Square and thirty-five miles southwest of Fort Worth.The farm allows product picking. This includes sustainably- and locally-grown blackberries, pumpkins, watermelons, and vegetables. They also offer fresh non-GMO and soy-free eggs.Their product varies per season. During winter, they sell eggs and pecans. In the summer, they sell tomatoes, okra, and eggs.Perhaps the most special season for Arison Farms is during fall. Around October, they offer a U-pick pumpkin patch event. Follow them on Facebook for date announcements. They always host an exciting event with live music, food, face paints, mini petting zoo, hayrides, and more!

(682) 552-6327

Barking Rocks Winery

Winery in Granbury

Barking Rocks Winery winery is in an old rock barn located between historic Granbury and Thorp Springs. They offer "homemade pizza cooked in a stone oven outside" combined with "great wine and Texas hospitality". You will be "greeted by a very personable chap Tiberia and his partner of life Sissy and a sommelier on the premises". This winery is "very rustic and a relaxing place to spend the afternoon" while drinking Malbec or any other "great wines" they produce. Their "wines have a sophistication of nose and palate that is unique and distinctive". They also host some events. From Saturday tastings, live music, concerts, weddings, private tastings/dinners, and corporate events.

(817) 579-0007

C&J Butcher Shop

Butcher in Granbury

Started in the Spring of 2005 by Chris Bachhofer, Jerry Crowe, and their wives, C&J Butcher Shop has the “finest cuts of quality meats in Granbury, Texas.” They offer a variety of “fresh cut-to-order Freezer Packs” that includes Sirloin Tip Minute Steaks, Cube Steak, Chuck Roast, Pork Chops, Chicken Breasts, Whole Chickens, Beef Cutlets, Ground Chuck, Bacon and more! C&J Butcher Shop continually provide the “freshest deli meats and cheeses” to residents and businesses throughout the area. The deli products they offer are made from the “highest quality meats with natural texture and flavor.” If you want a fast nutritious high quality meals, they can make dinner preparations for you. All you'll need to do is apply the heat and cook them just the way you like.

(817) 579-8077

Carey’s FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Granbury

In Granbury, Texas, you can find Carey's Farm. It is a family-operated farm that offers naturally-grown farm fresh eggs and vegetables during the season. Also, their small flock of chickens is guaranteed free-ranged. Moreover, they do not use any pesticides as part of their farming practice – only natural methods. Some of the fresh vegetables and fruits you can buy from them are hot peppers, tomatoes, and plums.Meanwhile, they have fresh farm eggs for poultry. Before buying, remember that certain goods are only available depending on the season. For more information or queries, contact the owner, Marian Carey at (817) 279-2712

(817) 279-2712

D’Vine Wine of Granbury

Winery in Granbury

D'Vine Wine of Granbury is a small boutique winery located in the historic downtown Granbury square. "A wonderful environment that is personal and cozy - the perfect place to sip wine and relax!" They ferment over 20 varieties of wine on-site. They also offer daily wine tasting, custom wine labels, wine-related gifts in a relaxed atmosphere. You will "like their fruit accented wines, such as Peach and Apple". They also have "plenty of fruit flavor without being overwhelming". "One night a week they have karaoke", which should "not be missed". Special events throughout the month make this a fun place to gather, relax, drink wine and socialize. "Friendly and helpful staff" that can help you "find a new wine".

(817) 573-7200

Local Goat Distillery

Distillery in Granbury

Their process involves using by-products in making exotic spirits. Local Goat Distillery partnered with Veldhuizen Cheese and they used their whey for the base of their vodka, acting as natural sugar. They also have "good food" like "the tacos are so good", the "smoked salsa is amazing" and the "cheese plate is great!" They "make good martinis and they have a list of many drink choices". They also "serve cocktails made with their own liquor. Rum, vodka, gin". You can try the "Bloody Mary with the horseradish vodka". It is also good "taking the tour" where they will "explain the entire process" in making their products. They also "have live music on Fridays and Saturdays".

(682) 205-1277

Mickey’s MustardNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Granbury

Want some mustard that's good on everything? Well, Mickey's Mustard is the answer to your hankerin! A true blue Texas made specialty, Mickey's Mustard has been a local favorite since 1980. A family recipe turned into a family enterprise when Shawn McCoy and his mother, Mickey, began to commercially produce Mickey’s Mustard, at the urging of friends who were already hooked on the tasty condiment.

(817) 929-8597

Pemberton Cellars

Winery in Granbury

For a "wonderful afternoon" and "if you're cruising around the Granbury area", Pemberton Cellars is a "must stop location". They are located just a few miles northwest of the beautiful Granbury Downtown. Their wines are made from hand-selected grapes from their vineyard and top vineyards across the state of Texas. They serve "reds, whites, dry and sweet" and "anyone can find a wine they will love". The winery has "a beautiful setting and there's nothing better than watching the sunset on their patio while sipping delicious wine". You can enjoy a "good" conversation with the owners too. Also, "check back during harvest time, and experience picking the grapes with them".

(817) 678-8338

Sandy Acres Farm

Farm & Ranch in San Antonio

Sandy Acres Farm has two other business namesakes, one located in North Carolina and the other one is located in Ohio. This company is different from them. Sandy Acres Farm is located in Granbury, Texas and offers pasture-raised eggs which are supplemented with natural, non-soy/non-GMO feed. They are also offering grass-fed beef by the 1/4, 1/2, or whole cow, and pastured whole chickens. This farm is also a member of the Acton Local Market. If you are also "interested in a 1/2 a cow" or even want to know "how much for 1/4 cow", you can send a direct message to them on their Facebook page.

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