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Cactus Run HomesteadNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Haslet

In the heart of Haslet, you can find Cactus Run Homestead. It is a family-managed homestead that has been offering a variety of "fresh vegetables, natural fruits, farm-fresh free-range chicken and duck eggs" since 2016Also, you can buy "artisan bread, top-quality jams," and "jellies". Some of their farming practices include "naturally-grown cultivation and grass-fed/pastured". Not only they offer such items, but also they "provide lessons in gardening and homesteading". Aside from that, they take pride in delivering the freshest and locally-sourced products available to their customers. For more information, pricing inquiries, or other questions, contact Madeleine Braden.

Haslet Feed and Farm Market

Store in Haslet

Haslet Feed and Farm Market is a family-owned store with a wide range of products available. They are "very well organized and employees are always willing to help. Produce is fresh and plenty of gorgeous plants and dog and cat food selection too". The produce they carry are based on the "natural season availability" making it a good choice for fresh produce. You will also "love the fresh fruits and veggies". Also, "the lawn stuff they have is a pretty great selection for being such a small market". "Looking to buy something for the person that's hard to shop for? Come check it out! You are sure to find something here".

(817) 439-0580

Slap Daddy SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Haslet

Their slogan is very catchy - and convincing.  They guarantee that "if you like salsa, you will love ours, if you like barbecue, you will love our salsa, if you don’t like smoked foods, you will love our salsa". Slap Daddy Salsa, located in Haslet, Texas, sells salsa made from fresh, quality ingredients. Witty and funny name aside, this salsa is worth the try. And don't worry if you are not into spicy salsa, or if you want variety. Slap Daddy Salsa sells different varieties, there's mild, medium, hot, and XX hot for those who really want it very spicy.

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