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Adobe Farm

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford

Adobe farm got their name from the type of soils and vegetation on their farm, but what they're known for is their purebred, registered Nubian goatsThey also have goat milk and cheese and got an award last 2012 for their raw goat milk cheddar. Recently, they also opened their farm store, Bella's Barn, which features their hand-raised produce, duck & chicken eggs, dairy, cheese, raw honey, handicrafts, and a soap/toiletries line. A happy customer said, "My 9-year-old granddaughter loves animals and gardening. We went together to visit Adobe Farm and learned a lot about gardening and raising farm animals. Also,we enjoyed our visit with knowledgeable and personable Spaeths. We bought the Circle Gardening book that Ken authored along with some delicious cheeses, peaches, eggs, and vegetables. I highly recommend visiting Adobe Farms!"

(817) 598-0597

Kindred FarmsNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford

Kindred Farms prides itself on being a responsible and sustainable farm. In truth, their role in the community is bigger. They are not just providers of grass-fed beef and pastured poultry, but they are also an inspiration especially those who are not confident with their farming or gardening abilities. If you can visit Kindred Farms, you will notice the cows and the chickens freely roaming around their spacious living quarters, so to speak. But you can also see the beautiful zinnias and the plump tomatoes and other vegetables harvested from raised beds in the garden. Kindred Farms is located in Weatherford, Texas.

Teels Custom Meats

Butcher in Weatherford

Located on the north side of Weatherford, Texas, Teel's Custom Meats is a full service meat market that makes “the best jerky and sausage around.” It is sure to take your taste buds to the extreme! Their “pre-seasoned beef and chicken fajita meat” is also one of the best sellers. If you are looking for good cuts of meat and the most knowledgeable and friendly people, you have found the right place! The service was impeccable! You can tell that there is a “lot of pride and heart” that goes into their products. In addition, they custom process domestic beef, pigs, goats, sheep, bison, and also process wild game, deer, elk, feral hog, etc.

(817) 598-0013

Udderly Free Range

Farm & Ranch in Weatherford

The Udderly Free Range in Weatherford, Texas, raises beautiful Pure Bred Nubian dairy goats. They also raise a large scale of chickens that lay plenty of eggs. The farm is selling eggs, chickens, and spotted Nubian goats through the years. You will surely enjoy what they offer. Aside from that, they are also selling goat milk soap and goat milk lotion under MacDaddy Milkers soaps and lotions. Goat milk soap is one of their most sold-out products because people find it useful in the skin. Happy client says, “I had never tried soap or lotion made from goats milk, however after trying MacDaddy Milkers products, I suddenly like it. I love everything about soap and lotion, especially the lasting effects it has on my skin. My hands look younger, my feet look and feel amazing, all in all, my skin looks great and is softer.” Visit Udderly Free Range and try their fresh egg and fresh milk as well as their goat mill soup and goat milk lotion.

(817) 629-3081

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