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Maple Branch Craft BreweryNo Own Retail Location

Craft Brewery in Fort Worth

Maple Branch Craft Brewery is a small batch brewery and beer garden in Fort Worth, Texas. Their offerings will take your taste-buds on a journey, whether that's with “exotic new flavors or craft classics.” Each batch they brew is special. They don't mass produce and they don't take short cuts. Maple Branch Craft Brewery have won over 30 awards in competitions across the country, including first place for their “American Brown Ale at Bluebonnet Brew-Off,” the largest single-site home brew competition in the world. Their goal is to be a positive force in the community and contribute in the way they know best – providing kick-ass craft beer and a space for people in all walks of life to unwind and enjoy the little things.

(314) 910-8854

Planted Bakery

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth

Planted Bakery is the only full-service, local vegan bakery in Fort Worth, Texas. They only serve the best vegan products this side of Texas! Anyhow, "they started with great pastries than added some really good sandwiches." It's "an amazing bakery with the best cookies EVER!! They are as big as your face and you tell yourself you are only going to eat half of it... but you don’t. You eat it all because it is so good!!"
On top of that, they also have "delicious mouthwatering treats and bread." Speaking of which, their "sourdough breads are wonderful" and therefore, you should "give it a try." If you're not in the mood for cookies or bread though, don't worry. Here at Planted Bakery, there's "always something new to try." Cruffins are unique to this place and a lot of people come by for this. "The jalapeño and cheddar cruffins are the best thing ever!!" And, if you want something "fruity and not too sweet" their "blueberry cruffin" is a must-try as well.

(817) 367-9205

Uncle Ron’s Beef Jerky

Artisan Food Producer in Fort Worth

A combination of spices and marinades to make the Best Beef Jerky in Texas. Uncle Ron’s Beef Jerky started in 2007 with a mission to serve you the best, healthiest and the most tasteful Beef Jerky you will ever find. They have a variety of flavors, from sweet and savory to a spicy and delicious taste. The beef they are using are “grass fed 100% Angus beef”, using safe, healthy and great tasting methods and preparation. They keep everything fresh and they purchase the best grade of beef available. It’s never frozen for several days or stored in some big warehouse. They take pride in every step when preparing and making the jerky. Uncle Ron’s love what he does and that’s what makes the jerky so special.

(817) 637-4510

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