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Discover local Texas food businesses in ZIP Code 76202

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Cross Timbers Food CooperativeNo Own Retail Location

Co-Op in Denton

The Cross Timbers Food Co-op brings producers and buyers of “sustainably grown food” together in the North Central Texas region. They are committed to developing a self-reliant, self-empowering community, by offering a retail exchange to the North Texas region for goods and services which are “grown, produced, traded, and distributed locally,” in a sustainable, equitable, and responsible manner. They value resource and raw material renew-ability by encouraging recycling and the re-use of materials. The Cross Timbers Food Cooperative believes in the power of individual creativity and self-determination. They value simplicity, authenticity, and genuine craftsmanship, and “promote the local community and the local artisan” whenever possible.

(940) 995-9460

Full Moon MacaronNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton

Full Moon Macaron is a Denton-based bakery that specializes in French Macarons. “This awesome business is run by the sweetest woman," Zoe, "who puts her love and passion for people in these amazing” macarons. “This is the real way a macaron is made”; the texture is smooth yet crunchy, and it’s moist and flavorful inside. It's clear to say that Zoe has “mastered the macaron” process. The common “favorites” are the “buttered popcorn, cappuccino, pumpkin, Fruit Loops, and cookie butter” but their signature bestseller is the “PB&J.” Along with their endless flavors, this bakery also offers “gluten-free” options. You can find them at Denton Community Market on Saturdays, or contact them for weddings, showers, and birthdays custom orders.

Good Earth CheeseNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton

Locally made in Denton, Texas, Good Earth Cheese creates delicious handcrafted “plant-based hard cheeses and creamy spreads” with the depth and sharpness found in fine traditional dairy cheeses. Their cheeses are aged with live culture in small batches, and made from non-GMO seeds and nuts that are cultured to perfection. They are always experimenting in the kitchen and developing new recipes, some of their standards Includes Herb Garden, Smoked Miso, Afternoon In Tuscany, Sweet & Spicy and Coconut Chive. These are rich in healthy probiotics and are an excellent source of Calcium, Vitamin E, Monounsaturated Fats & Proteins. They are also free from gluten, whey, peanut and animal product

(940) 220-9296

Ian and Johnny’s BBQ SauceNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton

Owned and operated by Ian Schaab & John Lentz, Ian and Johnny’s BBQ sauce is all-natural with no liquid smoke, no ketchup, and no high fructose corn syrup. They only use local vendors to produce their delicious sauce that is loved by the vegan, the vegetarian, and meat lovers everywhere. It is one of the healthiest BBQ sauces on the market. 

MiniMac BakingNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton

MiniMac Baking Co. is a small bakehouse based in the heart of Denton that specializes in gourmet and gluten-free desserts. Everything in their menu is scratch-made, including their signature bite-size French macarons, MiniMacs, which are featured on top of their delicious cupcakes, pastries, and breakfast cakes. “If you have any baked goods needs, MiniMac Baking Co. is the best in the DFW area!” The owners “are amazingly talented” and their products “are the best thing, for real.” It is uncompromisingly delicious and will surely “make your mouth water!” And the good news is, they also take custom and bulk orders, which can be picked up during the market days or delivered within the Denton area. They don’t have a storefront yet, but you can see them at Denton Community Market on Saturdays.

Muffin Top MamaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton

Muffin Top Mama is a local artisan food vendor based in Denton, Texas that specializes in home-made cakes, cookies, and other baked goods from regular to gluten-free, to keto-friendly variants that are available at select farmers’ markets including the Denton Community Market. In addition, she also crafts special occasion cakes that “amazing,” beautiful, and flavorful. Not to mention that they are outstandingly “delicious” as well! “Everyone” also loves the “cookies” and the “jams” that she makes. We highly recommend you to “just try her” services and products. If you do, “you will never use anyone else.” She’s friendly and everyone loves her as well!

(940) 442-8175

O’Brien Bros BakingNo Own Retail Location

Bakery in Denton

Make baking a family affair with O’Brien Bros Baking! These two brothers are at the helm in producing "delicious bread, cookies, and other baked goods," for order and available at selected farmers market in the area. If you are looking for something filling and tasty, they have different types of sourdough bread, challahs, and babkas to choose from! And to indulge those with the sweet tooth, they whip up several flavors of cookies that you definitely can't resist! All their recipes are constantly tested and improved, so buyers are ensured of getting only the best.

(214) 592-3561

Spread Happiness – Nut ButtersNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton

Spread Happiness Nut Butters provides the local Denton community with fresh, natural and delicious nut butters with “incredible flavor combinations”. They produce different types of butters like peanut, almond, cashew, pecan that are made with “only one ingredient – nuts!” They don’t use added oils, salt, or sugars that’s why these nut butters are vegan friendly! Spread Happiness Nut Butters also produces seasonal and specialty butters available like Chocolate Chip Almond Butter, Orange Chocolate Almond Butter, Chocolate Covered Cherry Almond Butter,Caramel Espresso Crunch Peanut Butter, and Cinnamon Raisin Peanut Butter. Though these specialty butters contains added organic sugars, they still doesn’t have salt or oils.

(469) 323-2097

Ten BerriesNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Denton

Ten Berries is a small business in Denton, Texas that produces homemade jams, jellies, and all-natural mustards made from scratch. Although the business is quite new to the market, Nicole Rotenberry, chef and owner, has been creating such delicacies for over 20 years. Thus, “you can definitely tell the difference in these homemade preserves.” They are “so good” and “full of great flavor.” The “raspberry jalapeño ham and the apple chili jam is good on everything from grilled meats to biscuits.” The “strawberry margarita and the peach ginger butter” is also delicious that you can eat it “right out of the jar.” The “IPA mustard” is “amazing” too! “Every flavor is wonderful” and can easily become a “family favorite.” You must try these products, folks. Catch them at the Denton Community Farmers Market as soon as you can.

(254) 221-2277