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Fitzel Winery

Winery in Gordonville

Fitzel Winery is a family project, "a small family-run wine tasting room and vineyard in the Lake Texoma area". A new winery with a "beautiful view" and it "is pretty with a nice pond". "The atmosphere is laid back and casual". They also "have cottages to rent overnight with a loft for the kids". They currently have a "very small wine list, but the wines are delicious". "Great place for a relaxing glass of wine!" They also mentioned in their website that "two dollars of every bottle purchased will be donated to Alzheimer's Association". A winery that contributes to the good of society. They also have llamas on the property so it's going to be a treat for the kids!

(214) 923-0041

Frances Foy Farm

Farm & Ranch in Gordonville

Debre Felske or 'Debbie' is the person behind the success of France Foy Farm. While Debbie started raising goats for her homemade soaps, she also sells different varieties of fruits and vegetables.She sells apples, pears, and melons. Also, she produces vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, cherries, acorn squash, radishes, zucchinis, kale, arugula. She also offers fresh and dried herbs like thyme, marjoram, borageAside from fresh produce, she makes a ton of other homemade products. She makes candles, soaps, oil blends, bath essentials, and more.Above all, a Facebook Review says, "Awesome prices, awesome products!" Catch her at Sherman Farmers Market.  

(972) 795-0554

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