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Wildberry Farm

Farm & Ranch in Sadler

The Capps and Bloomer families founded the Wildberry Farm in 2013. They are one of the farms who offer U-Pick services in Sadler. From blackberries, blueberries, vegetables, everybody loves picking berries at the farm. Back in 2014, they have planted over 2400 blueberries trees and 6000 blackberry plants. At this time, they have 80 mature trees from which their current supply come. But in only a few years from now, there will be more berries for everyone to enjoy. Just three more years to wait, and there will be more berries to enjoy in the summer. The farm also offers flower picking. They have zinnias, yellow sunflowers, and red sunflowers. Visit them today! A satisfied customer said, "Fabulous place. Picked our blackberries, fed the catfish and the quail. I loved the fields of flowers!" 

(903) 564-5206

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