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Resley Creek Farm

Farm & Ranch in Carlton

John Delaney and his wife Anne bought a "beautiful 93-acre farm" in the rugged hills of Commanche County in North Central Texas and named it the Resley Creek Farm. Since 1977, the farm is into "planting luscious fruit trees" such as "Paper Shell Pecans" with the varieties of Choctaw, Cheyenne, Kiowa, Witchita, and Pawnee. Native Pecans are available in both retail and wholesale, and they can be picked up in their orchards. They currently sell Texas Papershell Pecans: in-shell, cracked, or fully shelled Pecans. Visit their farm and try the fruits that they offer. Please contact John Delaney at (254) 386-8753. Don’t miss the opportunity to taste the most delicious nutmeats in town. Check their website and inquire now!


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