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Arusha Coffee Co.

Restaurant in Belton

At Arusha Coffee Co., you'll get that much-needed jolt even before your first sip of their delicious coffee. As you enter the coffee shop, you'll immediately notice the cozy-warm feeling as a result of the fusion of several elements. First is the scent of freshly-brewed coffee. Next is the simple yet homely and inviting interiors. Last but not the least - the surprising entries in the menu which are unexpected for a coffee shop, like tacos. But they make it work!

(254) 933-2233

Ash Acres Dairy Farm

Farm & Ranch in Belton

Ash Acres Dairy Farm is located in Belton, Texas, a farm that produces what they proudly claim as the freshest and best-tasting Grade A milk in Bell County from their herd of Jersey cows. If you live in the area, why don't you go ahead and try and see for yourself how the milk is. The farm is a certified Tuberculosis-free and Brucellosis-free herd. The cows here come from an esteemed bloodline trusted to produce great quality milk. They also sell cheese and ground beef.

(254) 718-1722

Belton Veggie GuysNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Belton

Belton Veggie Guys is a small farm in Belton that grows over 100 varieties of peppers, other vegetables, plants, and eggs through sustainable and organic methods. Moreover, they do not use chemical pesticides or fertilizers. You can find them at local farmers' markets. Satisfied customers said, "The best eggs in central Texas!" "They are the absolute best in the area! The egg yolks are so rich and delicious!" "So many different peppers. The colors were beautiful." and "My go-to guys for different types of peppers and other unusual veggies." Also, you can contact Jeff Oaks if you want to inquire.

Bold Republic Brewing Company

Craft Brewery in Belton

Bold Republic Brewing Company opened in mid-2018 and took the title of first craft brewery in Belton. Established by husband and wife Patrick and Adriane Hodges, the brewery serves a selection of craft beers. They will also serve pizza, bratwurst, hot sandwiches, and oven-baked pretzels, among others.The brewery and restaurant is purposefully small – a nano-brewery by today’s definition. The Hodges hope they can expand later.The brewery has a special beer named after Adriane’s father, Capt. Jack Edwards, said to be the first officer killed in the 1991 Gulf War. Upon learning of an ongoing fund drive to create the $40 million Desert Storm Memorial in Washington, D.C., the couple in his honor created Captain Jack lager. Last July 4, 2019, Bold Republic and the Belton Chamber of Commerce hosted a street party to help raise money for the war memorial fund. The Hodges are sharing the recipe with other breweries who wish to donate their proceeds towards the war memorial.

(254) 831-3110

Chef Flaco’s SalsaNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Belton

Chef Flaco’s Salsa is a a gourmet salsa company based out of Belton, Texas with products sure to please any palate! The founder is Chef Flaco himself, a culinary graduate with over 25 years in the food service industry. He learned to cook “Authentic Latin Style Flare” and got the idea to go into business after creating the perfect salsa recipe which became an “award winning original salsa”. Chef Flaco offers a wide selection of Fresh Tomato Salsas, Retail Salsas, and Specialty Products like Queso, Hot Sauce, Avocado Sauce, and “Salsa Ranch”, a blend of award winning Original Salsa with creamy ranch dressing. He operate primarily out of local farmers markets and also offer a free delivery service to the Temple/Belton area.

(254) 624-8499

Dead Fish Grill

Restaurant in Belton

At Dead Fish Grill, the description is "great food with a view." We think this is a more fitting description: seafood, and something to see. It is hard to create an ambiance that makes dining enjoyable. More so, one that completes the theme. Delicious oysters and shrimps and a view of Belton Lake in between mouthfuls? Dead Fish Grill is paradise, especially if you are close to the bottom of your first margarita. And don't worry about coming in early. They have brunch, and yes, did I mention a view of the lake? No one will fault you if you keep on coming back. Yes, even if it's for the steak, or the burger, or the waffles. Everything is delish here.

1(254) 939-5771

Dr. Baker’s Grassfed farm

Farm & Ranch in Belton

After a 50-year service to the community as an OB-GYN and a Gynecologic Oncologist, Dr. Baker retired and established Dr. Baker's Grassfed farm. During his time as a doctor, he was concerned about the rise of health issues due to lifestyle. For this reason, he wanted to spend the next phase of his line in what we can call preventative medicine.He did a lot of research and reading about the benefits of grass-fed beef. After that, he concluded that raising and eating healthy cows will lead to better health.At this time, he only sells his products on his farm to ensure that the quality of his meat is not affected by shipping.

(254) 760-9127

La Luncheonette

Restaurant in Belton

La Luncheonette is a food truck and catering business in Belton, Texas. It is well-known for its delicious Mexican craft food and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. La Luncheonette uses fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers. Its use of homemade sauces gives the food here at La Luncheonette a stamp of originality and unique flavor. A must-try when you visit is La Luncheonette's award-winning black bean and corn empanadas.

(254) 831-1004

Redbird VineyardNo Own Retail Location

Artisan Food Producer in Belton

Redbird Vineyard is an artisan food vendor based in Belton, Texas. This company exclusively produces mustang grapes jellies that are freshly squeezed from the best little grapes in Texas. This jelly is so fantastic in taste that it literally sparkles in your mouth! Not to mention that they have plenty of ways that you can use them from bread spreads, meat sauces, cake fillings, desserts, cheese platters, and more. The list is endless!  And on top of that, they also sell fresh free-range brown eggs at Water Street Farmers Market every Saturday morning. Already thinking of a recipe? Don’t stress out. Come by at their booth and spin their wheel to win some recipes! 

(254) 773-6251

Schoepf’s BBQ

Restaurant in Belton

Schoepf's BBQ is a place for good food. Here, barbecued meat is done to perfection, and there are lots to choose from. Schoepf's BBQ has brisket, pork chop, pulled pork, ribs, steak, turkey breast, chicken, quail, and sausage poppers. The wide variety of food selection underscores the cooking talent of the people here, and there is nothing on the menu that disappoints. Their signature barbecued meat is the star of their sandwiches, while their chicken salad is comfort food. Schoepf's BBQ ups the ante by entertaining customers with live music. All things considered - no wonder Schoepf's BBQ is iconic. 

1(254) 939-1151

Water Street Farmer’s Market

Farmers Market in Belton

The Water Street Farmer’s Market is a year-round open-air market located in front of The Gin in Belton, Texas. The market first opened in 2011, and today, it continues to impress its visitors. It’s “a great little market” with over a dozen vendors selling the “freshest produce, herbs, cheese, jerky, and creative handmade items”. Market days are every Saturday from 8:00am to 1:00pm, rain or shine.Here are some recent reviews of the market:
  • “Love that we have found this gem”
  • “Great market with a wide variety of items”
  • “Wonderful people”
  • “Fresh produce”

(254) 493-2117

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