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Bouldin Food Forest

Farm & Ranch in Rogers

Ben McConnell is the steward of Bouldin Food Forest. He practices organic and permaculture methods at the farm. In his 150-acre land, Ben grows several kinds of greens, herbs, vegetables, and fruits. Since he founded the farm in 2015, it has always been a catalyst for organic methods in central Texas. Currently, the farm sells lettuce, strawberries, eggplants, and more, however, they aim to be the biggest permaculture farm in Texas. Therefore, they will be planting more trees in the coming years. Cherries, limes, figs, oranges, apples, pomegranates, and nuts are just some of the plants on their to-plant list. Join their CSA program today! A happy customer of Ben says, "A fantastic source of beautiful sustainably-grown produce. Farmer Ben is a true champion of land care." 

Dancing Bee Winery

Winery in Rogers

Dancing Bee Winery is "located within the Walker Honey Farm shop". Visit them and you will "love the secluded location with a nice view" of this "spacious country store with honey products and selection of mead wines". They "specialize in mead wines made from their honey farm but also have grape wines as well". Try the "Moscato with a meat and cheese plate". A very "interesting" tasting experience and the "cheese board" is a "great balance". The staff is "knowledgeable", "friendly and helpful". They have "plenty of parking, indoor and outdoor seating" with "great prices as well". Definitely, this winery is "worth the drive".

(254) 983-2899

Green Fields Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rogers

A regenerative farm focusing on healthy soil, Green Fields Farm produces grass-fed and grass-finished pork, lamb, and beef. They also sell delicious and nutritious eggs.The farm is determined to increase soil health, conserve water, and protect Mother Nature. They believe that the quality of the food we eat directly impacts our physical and mental health.Facebook reviews generally commend farmers. "They are the best people! I had a great time! An amazing family-run farm where everything is natural and organic. Love them!"People also love their pork and beef. "Just finished eating the beef and the pork, and it was amazing. I will be ordering our meat through them for now on."

(254) 931-9701

SunFood Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rogers

The farm is in the east of Temple just a few miles south of Rogers. SunFood Farm provides fresh, wholesome vegetables as year around as possible. Moreover, they don't use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. They only use homemade compost. Their produce includes arugula, beets, broccoli, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, Chinese greens, collards, and garlic. Additionally, they have green beans, green onions, kale, kohlrabi, lettuce, mustard greens, onions, pumpkins, radishes. They also have salad greens, salad mix, spinach, summer squash, swiss chard, turnips, winter squash, zucchini, fresh herbs, and fresh flowers. Satisfied customers said, "Great veggies and accommodating growers." and "The best tasting veggies. Very fresh, beautiful, and delicious." Contact Marty & Tammye Baecker for more information.

(254) 642-3796

Walker Honey Farm

Farm & Ranch in Rogers

Walker Honey Farm have been harvesting and selling small batch locally produced “raw honey” since 1930 with 150 bee hives. They offer one of the “largest varieties” of raw honey and honey related products. The honey options are great and so are all of the other items they make from honey. They have ten unique floral varieties of honey as well as honey spread with fruit, bee pollen, honey nut butters, soaps and lotions, honey candy, and candles. Walker Honey Farm also make mead and honey wine, under their other business name “Dancing Bee Winery” that was established in 2011. The retail store has all the honey products you love plus a tasting bar for their mead's.

(254) 983-2899

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