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Blackland Prairie PorkNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Wallisville

Blackland Prairie Pork is a family-owned farm located in Abbott, Texas. The Nors Family raises Red Wattle heritage pigs just north of Waco. These pigs are a heritage breed known for their delicious flavor. The pigs are raised on grass and supplemented a non-GMO feed that they make on their farm."The pork is outstanding" and "it carries a richness in color and flavor" compared to "other pork". Its "meat has a rich reddish color as opposed to the beige color" that you "usually see in grocery store pork". Its "flavor, however, is the best part". Just buy "a package of the thick-cut chops" then cook it to know that it tastes "absolutely delicious".

(254) 715-1520

Nors Brothers FarmNo Own Retail Location

Farm & Ranch in Abbott

At PO Box 45, Abbott, TX, you can find Nors Brothers Farm. It is a ranch that raises and sells cuts of meats from their heritage breed pigs. Moreover, they mainly grow full blood Red Wattle Hogs, and the pork is guaranteed delicious. Their pigs are pasture-raised, eat non-GMO food, and consume liquid whey. Furthermore, their farming practices include naturally-grown and grass-fed. Aside from that, they are 100% as natural as it can get since they do not have medications, pesticides, or herbicides on the land where they live. If you like to ask about current prices, place an order, or ask questions, please call Joshua at 254-715-1520. 

(254) 715-1520

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