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Clifton Farmers’ Market

Farmers Market in Clifton

If you are looking for Clifton Farmers Market, it is along Highway 6. Look for the Post Office, and you will find Clifton Farmers Market beside it. The people here are fun and cheery. It makes shopping for baked breads, homemade salsa and jams, body butter, and flowers a really fun experience. Drop by if you need eggs or fresh vegetables. They have spinach, lettuces, kale, and radish here. There's also canned dill and pickles, as well as baked goods made by locals.

(503) 287-7980

Lovejoy Farm

Farm & Ranch in Clifton

Geo and Henri Lovejoy manage and own the Lovejoy Farm. With the high demands for a healthy grass-fed beef, the 45-acre grass farm was born.While a lot of sustainable farms in Texas do the same things in raising beef, Lovejoy Farm sets apart with its wheat grass-finished beef.Traditionally, cattle are grass-fed but grain-finished, this lowers the natural CLA in the meat. Some do finish their cattle through pasture grass. If this is the case, it is a good indication. But the Lovejoy Farm takes this to the next level by finishing their cows with sprouted wheatgrass, along with Diatomaceous earth, Redmond natural minerals, and Apple cider vinegar on the cow's drinking water.Since sprouted wheatgrass releases more minerals and starch, for digestion the beef you get also contains these nutritious ingredients.Some like to visit and get acquainted, see the cattle, see what they do, and hear why they do it. Just give them a buzz! Farms visits are by appointment

(254) 622-8836

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