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Aquilla Creek Farms

Farm & Ranch in Waco

Ahavah Tindell has been breeding English Springer Spaniels at Aquila Creek Farms since 1996. However, they have only been in Waco, Texas in 2014. At the 114-acre farm, they also raise grass-fed cattle, pigs, 27 Katahdin sheep, 2 horses, and chicken.The family has been organically raising animals and crops for over 20 years. The farm flourishes over a hundred pecan trees, peaches, plums, Texas pears, and blackberries. Also, they have perfected the art of making candies, jams, and jellies.If you want to get one of their high-quality English Springer Spaniel puppies, be sure to check their website first for availability.Reviews on their website generally show satisfied puppy lovers who not only fell in love with their new puppies but also the seamless and responsive customer service they provide.

(254) 716-4362

Brazos Valley Cheese

Artisan Food Producer in Waco

Brazos Valley Cheese is dedicated to crafting “all-natural, high quality, healthy cheese” using traditional methods and no artificial flavors. The company has the capacity to make cheese from “2,000 gallons of milk” per week. Every cheese is made with raw cow’s milk and all the hard cheeses are aged in our underground cheese cave. The high butterfat content of the milk makes rich, yellow, creamy cheeses that are used by the finest chefs and sold at the best retail shops in Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio, Austin and Houston. They also have award winning cheeses like the Brazos’ Eden cheese that won first place at the “2011 American Cheese Society competition”, and the Brazos Select that won second place in 2010.

(254) 723-4777

Cafe Homestead

Restaurant in Waco

Cafe Homestead strives to provide an "excellent" dining experience at all times. It serves breakfast and lunch Monday - Saturday, and upholds the first-come-first-serve policy. The menu consists of breakfast specials like "spinach and feta omelette"; lunch specials like "Mediterranean kebab plate"; burgers like "mushroom swiss"; sandwiches like "turkey veggie wrap"; and children's menu like "cheese quesadilla". This restaurant takes great pride in the way they prepare and serve each and every plate in the menu; from sourcing the finest ingredients from local farmers and ranchers to cooking the dishes with care.

(254) 754-9604

Homestead Bakery

Bakery in Waco

A bakery with a drive-through?  Yes, that’s possible with Homestead Bakery.  They made things even more convenient for their buyers, as aside having to drop by and check them out in farmers markets, they can serve you quick and easy through their drive-through option.  "Skillfully crafted in-house, made of the best quality ingredients and freshly baked products" which you can avail starting as early as breakfast!  Available for order, and pre-order and pick up as well, are different types of bread, kolaches, old fashioned cake donuts, burritos along with coffee and tea! Enough to start and end your day full and hearty!

(254) 205-1681

Homestead Gristmill

Artisan Food Producer in Campbell

Located in Waco, Texas, Homestead Gristmill offers a wholesome taste of fresh-ground whole grains from their historic timber-frame “water-powered mill” that was originally built in 1760. Given a new life as Homestead Gristmill in 2001, they open it to public year round, grinding “fresh whole wheat flour and corn meal.” In addition, they also grind oats, rye, spelt, rice, buckwheat and soybeans. They use the single-step process of grinding with natural granite stones which preserves the nutritional value of the grain. All the grains are grown without chemical pesticides and fertilizers. You can visit Homestead Gristmill and watch the “milling process” and tour the store, which features fresh samples of various baked items, unique gift items for the kitchen and home, and dozens of delicious natural mixes that can be taken home and enjoyed.

(254) 754-9665

Rascoe Pecans

Farm & Ranch in Waco

Rascoe Pecans started from the long-time dream of the late Frank L. Rascoe. He desired of having a pecan orchard on the banks of the Brazos River. He planted many varieties of pecan that are usually available in October. They have "the best pecan that they have ever tasted". His wife, Sue, took over and made sure to continue Frank's legacy. They partnered with World Hunger Relief, Inc. (WHRI) to produce organic pecans. They "also help train farm interns in natural farming methods". Nowadays, Frank and Sue's daughter and son-in-law handle Rascoe Pecans. Their products are not just available in the farm market but also online! They are "sweetest couple selling pecans & pecan butter". Visit and buy "a large bag toast pecans and two pecan butters one with honey". You will be assured of a "very good quality, fresh and tasty". "Seriously these foods will be in heaven!"

(254) 315-4798

The Home Grown Farm

Farm & Ranch in Waco

Running The Home Grown farm for the family of four is quite tedious but fun. While it takes a lot of time and effort, the family stays true to their passion by producing food sustainably and organically. The idea of forming the farm was Pam's idea, the strong mom who l loves baking and beekeeping. Brandon, Pam's eldest son, helps in the daily chores at the farm like putting out regular fires and planning farm production and finances. Toby, her middle child, helps in branding and marketing. Finally, Melanie, the youngest, helps during her spare time off from work and Masters. While they are all busy, they still make their customers a number one priority, like this one happy customer: “I like how easy it is to purchase. Home Grown Farm makes it doable to support a local business. They are super responsive!"They haven't updated their CSA page since January 2014. Contact them directly for more information to order produce boxes.

(254) 717-3139

Torres Meat House

Butcher in McAdoo

Torres Meat House is a family owned and operated meat market that provides the finest cuts of meat, specializing in “hand-cut steaks to order, made in house summer sausage, marinated chicken, beef, and pork, and deli meats.” They promise you quality products at a great price. Whether you are looking for steaks, chicken breast, sausage, or fajita meat, Torres Meat House has you covered with quality products. They have the best custom cut steaks including “Ribeyes, T-bones, Sirloins, Marinated Fajitas, New York Strips, and Rib Steaks.” Torres Meat House take pride in their family business and family values and want the customers to feel valued as well. They strives to meet customer needs with friendly service and attentiveness.

(254) 799-0256

Triple S Dairy

Farm & Ranch in Corpus Christi

Triple S Dairy is a "great location to buy very healthy real food!" "Fantastic raw milk, fresh eggs, and fresh beef" are what they offer. They "offer grass-fed beef". "And it's nice to see the honesty system still works" because you can "pay on the honor system, cash or check". The cows appeared healthy and well cared for and the cows' free range over their pasture. "Run by great people" and definitely "worth the drive" and "well worth the price". Call them for their opening hours and if you want to visit their place. They are located only about 10 minutes north of Waco.

(254) 723-4302

Wood’s Acres

Farm & Ranch in Agua Dulce

Wood’s Acres grows everything from non-GMO seed. You will find that they have "absolutely the best New Mexico chiles" you will ever have. They grow varieties of vegetables that others do not. Experimenting with Native American growing techniques that result in "fantastic" tasting vegetables. Their "Chimayo chili powder" is also "fabulous". It will make "a delicious chili" that is "delicate with floral overtones". They graft their tomatoes every year especially their heirlooms. This process doubles or triples the yield because of increased disease resistance and vigor. The flavor remains the same and there's just a lot more of it for their customers to enjoy!

(254) 640-4537

World Hunger Relief

Farm & Ranch in Waco

World Hunger Relief is a Christian organization aspiring to alleviate food insecurity and malnutrition in the community through sustainable agriculture. Aside from becoming a hub for aspiring farmers, the farm encourages empathy and compassion to those in need. The farm offers internships and live-in volunteering opportunities. At the farm, everybody learns about pest management, weather, and the overall flow of agriculture. A happy volunteer says, "First, I learned to compost. Then, I enjoyed Farm Days in the Fall and Spring with families. I also had friends who volunteered. I love the teachings, stewarding, and ministry." If you are interested in getting the community-farmed produce, check them at Waco Farmers Market. They offer limited-slots for the CSA so hurry! One share is approximately half-bushel of food.

(254) 799-5611

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